Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.

It's offical, I am back to work after having Ellison. I have hated coming back to work and leaving my little one, but I have no other choice. I have to admit that I am quietly looking around for something that isn't going to require 40 hours a week, pays well and offers insurance. If anyone knows of a job like this, I would be more than happy to take the offer...unfortunately no one wants to offer me anything like this. In the mean time I have let my boss know if the oppertunity to reduce hours ever arises, I would definately be interested. We will have to see how that goes! In other exciting news, Kam and I have booked our tickets home for Christmas. We are flying into Las Vegas on the night of the 26th and flying out the afternoon of the 2nd. We are going to try to bless Ellison while we are out there.


Lisa Burraston said...

To the readers of my blog, I realize I have made a few spelling errors. Please try to overlook those, and enjoy the post!