Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Ellison...

Ellison is the cutest thing ever! I love her so much! She is so funny, has the cutest little smile, and charms most people who see her. When she is in the mood, she can be such a lovey, cuddly baby but...dun, dun, dun, she can also be quite a little monster!
As I said before, Ellison has the cutest smile, and can charm most anyone. We CONSTANTLY have people stop us so they can talk to or smile at Ellison, however, she can has this look she gives that can make you feel like you have done something so bad! This past Sunday, Ellison gave the "stare down" to a grown man during sacrament meeting. He frowned at her, she frowned right back, and held her own!
She has developed quite the attitude and temper. This past Sunday, we were walking by her Memaw's pool and Ellison decided she wanted to get in. When we told her she wasn't allowed to get in, she got mad, threw the toy she was holding in the pool, which was then promptly taken away.
She is also such a little ham. The other night, Kam and I went out to dinner. Ellison immediately seized the salt and pepper shakers, and shook them all over the table. Then she grabbed the ketchup and played with it, where it eventually landed on the floor. The fork we gave her also landed on the floor and when she grew tired of sitting in her high chair, she stood up and then started pointing and hollaring. Good thing everyone thought it was cute!
The last little story I have to share about Ellison. On Friday night, she decided it would be fun to tear off her diaper and then pee on the floor! Oh Ellison, you are a mystical creature. You move so quickly, disappear easily, and have knack of losing things!
I love you so much, and even though sometimes you drive me and dad crazy, we love you more than anything else! I miss you while I'm at work and can't wait to see you at the end of the day! You make us so happy, and make life so much fun and worthwhile! Keep us smiling, and never lose the attitude!


Schimmy said...

What a fun age! It only gets better the quicker and more agile they get, you just wait.

Christy said...

I love the story about the "stare down"! I think you have an example of it posted on your blog. Can't wait to see you, Kam and Ellison at Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Oh Ellison!! You behave for your parents:) What a fun girl she is.

Talea Hollingshead said...

Those big blue eyes are going to be able to get anything she wants from Daddy when she gets older!! :)