Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trying to play catch up...

As always, we have been really busy! Last week was filled with Halloween activities from Tuesday night on. On Tuesday night we went over to Kam's sister, Kallee's house and carved our pumpkins. It was a lot of fun. Kam carved our big pumpkin, and I the smaller, white pumpkin we bought for Ellison. I carved mine to sort of look like Ellison since it was her pumpkin (remember this detail for a funny story later).
Wednesday night we had our ward Trunk or Treat activity. It was fun to get Ellison all dressed up in her cute little poodle costume, which she actually wore! We had a lot of games for the kids to participate in. I was in charge of the pie/snowball eating contest, and Kam was the fortune teller. After games at the church, the bishopric judged the pumpkin carving contest and lucky me, won...for scariest! Hello! It was a picture of my adorable child's face! The bishopric laughed when I told them, and said they awarded me for scariest because they had never seen a white pumpkin. Then we took Ellison around to the Trunks for a treat.
On Thursday night, our county celebrated Halloween (yes, one day early, and why? Because there was a high school football game the day of Halloween...ridiculous, but that's living in the south for you)! We met up with some friends from the ward and Kam's sister and her family and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was fun.
Friday night some friends in the ward got together for snacks and games to celebrate the real Halloween. We ate some yummy treats, played some fun games, and enjoyed the company we were with.
Saturday we took Ellison to get her 2nd flu shot (they give them in two parts here) and then afterwards attended a carnival the MD's office was throwing for the kids. Ellison enjoyed playing the fishing game, jumping in the bouncy house, and watching mama paint a ceiling tile with her initials on it. Kam enjoyed the catered food, and I enjoyed painting the ceiling tile to further decorate Ellison's room!
Sunday was busy with church stuff as always, but we were happy for the extra hour we gained when we "fell back"!


Tiffini said...

Love the poodle costume that's great! I'm surprised she wore it too we tried putting something around Hailey's head and she did not like it at all.

Carr Family said...

That is way to funny about celebrating Halloween a day early due to a football game. I laughed for awhile over that one. Ellison looks awesomely poodlish in her costume. I'm glad your Halloween was fun and eventful.