Sunday, December 7, 2008

How did I ever live without it?

What exactly you ask? Well, online shopping. I love online shopping. As a matter of fact, I have completed my shopping for Kam's birthday, last years, and this years Christmas online. Don't get me wrong, I love going out to the stores and looking around, but there is something to be said for being able to go to almost any store with the click of a button. I find for the most part, I can get a better deal online, and if you look at the right times, you can even find free shipping (although paying some shipping doesn't bother me too much as I figure I spend that money in gas going to the store to make my purchases). I also made some cute Christmas cards online, and all I have to do is go to the store and pick them up. They will be printed and ready to go! So great!
I also have to admit that since finishing Ellison's scrapbook online, I have found that I am addicted to scrap booking online. I like the ease, affordability and the fact that I only have to pick prefab pages and click my picture in. I have also found that I can get a cute scrapbook done in very little time! I am in the midst of uploading all our other photos so I can start another book and get our pictures out in hard copy. So, I am now wondering how I ever lived without online scrap booking.
Anyhow, just a few random thoughts from a very random person! By the way, here's a random one for you. I have side swept bangs, should I grown them out or keep them? Just curious?! Hope you all are doing well!


Taylor Family said...

I love digital scrapbooking too. As for the bangs issue, i say keep the side swept look, I like that look better.

Tiffini said...

Keep the side swept you'll just go back as soon as you grow them out.

Unknown said...

wow you have my blog! i was searching for mountainland christmas party and found yours- how funny! i too LOVE online shopping. i think you save money and stress of hauling kids through stores. if theres another ot gathering will you let me know ive missed the last few things because of my new baby. as for shutterfly try again mine works. and if not there's al;ways a buy one get one that comes along- then you get a free grandma present or one for her to take to college and one for you.