Sunday, January 27, 2008

Then I grew up bigger...

I have decided to post some new pictures because my friend Cailin was only somewhat happy with my attempt to even get some pictures on the computer. Hopefully you will all enjoy the new pictures I have posted. I do have to admit though, the pictures of my sweet baby do her no justice, because she is so much more adorable in real life! Here is another update of our week...
Ellison has decided to continue to grow up on us, despite my repeated pleas for her to stay my little baby. I know she is only 4 months old, but she has just hit that cute stage where she is smiling and laughing. Her latest trick is rolling over. Ellison has finally mastered maneuvering her body weight from her side to her belly, and on a good day, can get her arms underneath her! She is such a cute baby, and I am so glad to have her!
I am still working with my student, who I have had for about 3 weeks now. Clinically she is doing well, it's the professional behaviors we are working on. I am sure she will be doing well by the end of her 12 weeks, but we continue to chip away on this aspect of the fieldwork. Primary has also been keeping me busy. We have decided to split the primary into a junior and senior primary as our primary is growing! I think I counted 17 children today (not including the nursery children) which is almost double what we are used to! We created a new class this year, which puts us up to four classes now. I never knew how much work teacher retention is, as well as juggling the budget and calming teachers concerns. We are looking to fill our achievement nights calling now...I hope that works out soon!
Kam has also been keeping busy in school. He goes Monday through Thursday from 8-11, and then picks up the baby, and watches her until I get home. Kam has been such a trooper through our tumultuous year and is a good, protecting dad. I know he loves the time he is able to spend with Ellie.
So, that is the update on us so far, until next week...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pictures of Ellison

So I have been told my MULTIPLE people that I have not posted any pictures of Ellison on my blog and need to do so. So, for all my fans, or rather, Ellison's fan's here you go. Included is also an update on the Howard family. Kam has started school again this semester, by the end of this year, he will have completed his 2nd year of law school, with only one year to go! I am working my life away and right now have an OT student with me for the next 10 weeks, which I realize now, is a lot of work. Primary is also keeping me busy. Ellison keeps growing like a weed. She weighs about 13 lbs now, smiles and laughs, shakes her rattle and when she feels like it, will roll onto her tummy from her back. We love her so much!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Okay, so I have FINALLY started trying to lose this baby weight (who would have thought a diet rich in ice cream wouldn't help) and the results are as follow.

Tues: 30 minutes of cardio following an 8 hour workday
Wed: Weight training x30 minutes, 2o minute walk following an 8 hour workday

The rest of the week I plan on alternating cardio with weight training (light walk following) and trying to change some of the unhealthy eating habits I got into when I was pregnant. I will post any changes (good or bad) by next Tues.

My goal is to lose at least 10-15 lbs. by my little brother's wedding on May 17th.
If anyone has any other positive, helpful suggestions, feel free to comment!