Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sugar anyone???

Sorry for my not updating the blog regularly like I should, however, we have as always been busy and sick! Kam is in the midst of finals, and is finally finishing his last one today. He took one yesterday and said it was HORRIBLE!! Also, unfortunately there has been a horrible stomach bug that has been ripping through the ward that Kam caught. This little bug made itself present in full force Friday night, Saturday and part of the day on Sunday. Kam also spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday...so needless to say we have been busy. I was looking at the calender and noticing we have had or do have something going on everyday last week and this week!
Since I have been so busy, I haven't had time to express my exuberant joy over the announcement of the Utes going to the Sugar bowl!! I love the Utes, they are my Alma mater, my dad attended the U and Kam graduated from the U. Kam's little brother Kory is a graduate and my little brother Ryan will be a graduate. We have the pride running deep and are growning in numbers as much of mine and Kam's family are all Coug fans. I know I may catch flack for expressing this, but I was so happy when they beat the ducks who beat USC, when the beat TCU and most of all when they went undefeated and clinched the Mountain West conference by beating the Y! AWESOME!!
So when we heard they were going to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, (approximately 3 hours from Jackson) we were so happy, until we found out the cheap seats are approximately $100. So, we are trying to decide if that's something we can do or not. Irregardless if we are there or not, we will be cheering for our team!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What exactly you ask? Well, online shopping. I love online shopping. As a matter of fact, I have completed my shopping for Kam's birthday, last years, and this years Christmas online. Don't get me wrong, I love going out to the stores and looking around, but there is something to be said for being able to go to almost any store with the click of a button. I find for the most part, I can get a better deal online, and if you look at the right times, you can even find free shipping (although paying some shipping doesn't bother me too much as I figure I spend that money in gas going to the store to make my purchases). I also made some cute Christmas cards online, and all I have to do is go to the store and pick them up. They will be printed and ready to go! So great!
I also have to admit that since finishing Ellison's scrapbook online, I have found that I am addicted to scrap booking online. I like the ease, affordability and the fact that I only have to pick prefab pages and click my picture in. I have also found that I can get a cute scrapbook done in very little time! I am in the midst of uploading all our other photos so I can start another book and get our pictures out in hard copy. So, I am now wondering how I ever lived without online scrap booking.
Anyhow, just a few random thoughts from a very random person! By the way, here's a random one for you. I have side swept bangs, should I grown them out or keep them? Just curious?! Hope you all are doing well!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have been working hard on doing a digital scrapbook for Ellison on Shutterfly. I uploaded all her pics, put them in the pages, added cute little sayings and descriptions to each page explaining what's going on. I thought I was being so efficient and frugal as I had a coupon for 50% off, plus free shipping, and...it didn't work. There is no way I am paying full price for that book, so it looks like Ellison's first year book will have to wait until my pocketbook (or a another deal comes along) can handle it.
In other news, we had a great Thanksgiving. We had a traditional dinner Thanksgiving day at Kam's sister's (Kallee) home with some ward members and missionaries. Friday, I worked half a day (time and a half baby!) and then we had another dinner with Kam's parents who had driven down from DC the day before.
Saturday we spent the day cleaning and putting up Christmas lights and decorating our tree. We had a great time. Our weekend was filled with yummy food and Christmas related activities!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day...

This is exactly what I thought yesterday when we were busy running errand after errand. We started the morning by cleaning the house, then got loaded into the car and headed out to take some family pictures (I will post a few teasers here). We spent much of the afternoon in Brandon and downtown Jackson taking some family pictures and finishing up Christmas presents for family members. We decided to head home, and Ellison crashed on the way. We hung out at the house waiting for her to wake up, so we could go again.
Later that night, we delivered dinner to a sick ward member and then went from store to store returning various items we had purchased however, decided we no longer needed. We then went to the big W (Wal-Mart) to print off some of the pictures we had taken that day and then ended the night at Kroger. By the time we made it home, it was about 9:00 where we finally ate dinner. Busy day, but we had a great time!
Stay tuned for more pics from our photo session!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr. Nonsense...

I have been reading various news websites regarding proposition 8. I have been feeling frustrated by a lot of the events that have been happening. I was reading an opinion article that was reporting how people of the Mormon faith are being targeted at their places of work and businesses, as well as outside of churches and temples. I read this particular comment I am posting, left by someone and felt the need to reply (which I am also posting). I don't mean to offend anyone, but I believe we can differ in opinion on controversial things and still find some common ground.

I fondly refer to him as Mr. Nonsense...

Your article is such complete hogwash that i don't even know where to begin. (And you wonder why Republicans are viewed as homophobic?)

(1) You begin your article with some poor, poor straight guy with a lesbian sister (oh wow, he MUST be enlightened!) that works in musical theater - which is probably the gayest of all forms of entertainment. And this poor, poor guy is so oppressed because his colleagues and patrons don't like the fact that he wanted to strip them of a constitutional right to marry. Nobody forced him to donate money. He wasn't fired. But the people he works with and his customers didn't like his conduct and made it known. Yes, let's all feel sympathy for him, and not the thousands of people whose rights were taken away. After all, they were gays, and this guy is straight so we care about him. Who's the hypocrite here?

(2) Then you bring up the old, tired "this is democratic" nonsense. If 51% of the electorate voted to enslave the other 49%, would that be democratic or just? No. Purposefully targetting a minority and stripping them of a constitutional right is not democratic. It is an example of a tyrannical majority the likes of which John Stuart Mill warned us about. The will or view of the majority is not always right or just.

(3) You go on some rant about LGBT activists protesting at churces. Exactly what is wrong with that? Religious organizations were the primary force behind the Yes on 8 campaign. Are curches somehow immune from criticism?

(4) Of course you devolve into a despicable "think of the children!" rant. The fact that you want your children to grow up bigoted and homophobic should not prevent me from getting married. If you don't want children taught about such things in school then you can put that in a seperate proposition that does not strip anyone of their rights.

(5) Mormons donated about 80% of the money behind the Yes On 8 campaign. But pointing out that Mormons were forcing their religious views on others and taking other people's rights away is somehow "mormon-bashing"? And gays are now bigoted? Whose rights were taken away, again? Was there some vote on Mormon marriage that I missed?

Overall your article is ripe with the false sense of victimization that college Republicans are so fond of. LGBT people were stripped of equal rights, and somehow the bigots and homophobes are the victims? Please, don't insult our intelligence with this tripe.

My rebuttal...

Oh Mr. Nonsense,

I find it interesting how you try to mince words and validate all that is going on with the religion bashing when you can't even correctly spell the word church. What you wrote is exactly what you said...Nonsense.

First off, if there were some way we could dig into every vote you ever made, and then publicly berate you for choosing to vote that way, (protesting your choice in front of where you work, go to church and even live), I am sure you would find it intrusive and overwhelming. Interestingly, no one is asking you to quit your job and you are not feeling pressured to resign for believing and voting the way you do. Perhaps we should feel sorrier for you than for the man in the story...at least he has some moral conviction.

Secondly, I find it very interesting how people like you yell about how conservative people need to be more open minded, however, when it comes to conservatives sharing their point of view, if it doesn't agree with yours, you no longer feel the need to listen...contradictory to say the least!

You say that we are targeting a minority and stripping them of their rights. Perhaps in your mind that is true, but what do you think this community is turning around and doing to those who choose to vote for the ban on gay marriage? They are stripping them of their rights to worship, vote and hold an opinion contrary to yours. Yes, it is a democratic process and just like the American people spoke when they elected Barack Obama, so we speak now on proposition 8.

In response to your comment about protesting churches, (again it's c-h-u-r-c-h), you may know that many churches have been discriminated and protested against. However, the founding fathers knew how important it was for people to differ in opinions, and that's why we have freedom of religion. We don't need to be publicly scrutinized for being God fearing people. We have the freedom to differ from your ideas.

If we allowed all people to marry, that may open the door to polygamous relationships, incestuous relationships and minors who are marrying. Does that seem ethical?

So, Mr. Nonsense, although your comments were a way for you to express your frustrations, they are just as you say...Nonsense. Perhaps you should find some other way to occupy your time than pointing fingers at all the injustices you feel. Perhaps you should take a moment and reflect on the way other people feel when you support public and perhaps threatening actions taken to people who simply don’t feel, think or believe the same way you do. The way you feel your rights have been taken away, you are taking from others in a different way. Remember Mr. Nonsense, if you want others to be open minded to your ideas, you need to expect to do the same for them and respect it (even if they differ from your own).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged...againx2!

Thanks JuJu! I remember that car!
7 Weird Things about Me:
1. I have to have all of the lights off when I leave a room. I am so obsessive compulsive about it!
2. I love all the candy that most people hate. Circus peanuts, candy corn, smarties...love 'em!
3. Whenever I go to the Dr's office my blood pressure is through the roof because I am always so nervous! Don't ask me why, but I can't help it! When I was pregnant they always took my blood pressure after the visit because of this, and it was always considerably lower!
4. I have a hard time throwing away/giving away clothes. I don't know why, but when I am going through my closet, I always rationalize that I will or may need that shirt I wore 10 years ago again!
5. I live in Mississippi...enough said (sorry to all my beloved Mississippi friends)!
6. I like Julie, love looking for a good deal. I get a rush when I find one and feel like I have hit the Jackpot! On the same note, I can also walk away from a good deal.
7. I obsess and worry all the time! Mostly it's about money or health related issues, but it seems when one dies down, another one pops up!
10 Years ago...
1. I was a senior in high school getting ready to graduate.
2. I was dancing on the drill team, go Eshelles!
3. I was working at Lins copy center which is now closed.
4. I drove a teal mercury tracer.
5. I was getting ready to send off a missionary I didn't wait for.
5 things on my TO DO list...
1. Lose 10 lbs.
2. Rest and get rid of my cold!
3. Finish my Christmas shopping...almost done!
4. Exercise
5. Clean out the cars
5 Snacks that I like...
1. Fruit
2. String Cheese
3. Crackers (wheat thins)
4. Chips and Salsa
5. Ice Cream
5 Things I would do with 1 million dollars...
1. QUIT MY JOB, even though I love it
2. Upgrade my house!
3. Pay off student loans and any other bills.
4. Help others
5. Get all of my food storage. I think about this all the time lately.
5 Places I have lived...
1. St. George
2. Salt Lake City
3. Holladay
4. Brandon Mississippi
5. Pearl Mississippi
5 Jobs I have had...
1. Larsen's Frostop
2. Lin's Copy Center
3. IHC as a rehab aide
4. Mountainland Rehab as an OT
5. University of Mississippi Medical Center as an OT
5 People that I am tagging...Kristal, Sarah, Tiffini, Memaw, Rachel

8 Things Tag:
8 Things...
8 TV shows I like to watch
Big Brother
The Hills
Ace of Cakes
Law and Order SVU
30 Minute Meals
Kimora life in the fab lane
Rachel Ray
The news

8 Things that happened yesterday
I worked a full day (saw10 patients and wrote 10 notes)
Completed 4 Evaluations
Did a little online Christmas shopping
Made Peach Cobbler
Went to Young Womens Activity
Cleaned the kitchen
Rocked Ellison to sleep
Went to bed before 11:00 pm!

8 Favorite Places to Eat
Macaroni Grill
Newks Cafe
Cheesecake Factory
Cafe Rio
Anywhere with sushi
McCallisters Deli
California Pizza Kitchen

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
The weekend
Visiting Utah
Losing weight
Disney World
Kam's Graduation
A trip with my mom (to DC, I love that place)!
Moving somewhere
Taking a nap

8 Things on my Wish List
Losing these last 10 lbs
Kam getting a great job
Kam passing the bar
Buying a house where ever we move
New Clothes
Clean car

8 people I Tag

Loving my crock pot!!

Lately I have been loving my crock pot. I love not having to do a lot of prep work when using it, the food always tastes good, I don't run the oven and the house is filled all day with yummy dinner smells! The other day I made this recipe and it literally took 10 minutes! It's black bean and sausage soup. It was really healthy, yummy and filling! Here is the recipe:
Black Bean and Sausage Soup
1 link of sausage
1/2 onion chopped
2 cloves garlic
1 can stewed tomatos
1 can black beans
1 can lima beans
1 can beef broth
Brown sausage, onion and garlic in sautee pan. Combine canned goods into crock pot and add sasuage mixture once browned. Cook on high for 3-4 hours, or on low for 6-8 hours.
We plan on trying another recipe tonight, and if all goes well, look forward to another crock pot post!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trying to play catch up...

As always, we have been really busy! Last week was filled with Halloween activities from Tuesday night on. On Tuesday night we went over to Kam's sister, Kallee's house and carved our pumpkins. It was a lot of fun. Kam carved our big pumpkin, and I the smaller, white pumpkin we bought for Ellison. I carved mine to sort of look like Ellison since it was her pumpkin (remember this detail for a funny story later).
Wednesday night we had our ward Trunk or Treat activity. It was fun to get Ellison all dressed up in her cute little poodle costume, which she actually wore! We had a lot of games for the kids to participate in. I was in charge of the pie/snowball eating contest, and Kam was the fortune teller. After games at the church, the bishopric judged the pumpkin carving contest and lucky me, won...for scariest! Hello! It was a picture of my adorable child's face! The bishopric laughed when I told them, and said they awarded me for scariest because they had never seen a white pumpkin. Then we took Ellison around to the Trunks for a treat.
On Thursday night, our county celebrated Halloween (yes, one day early, and why? Because there was a high school football game the day of Halloween...ridiculous, but that's living in the south for you)! We met up with some friends from the ward and Kam's sister and her family and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was fun.
Friday night some friends in the ward got together for snacks and games to celebrate the real Halloween. We ate some yummy treats, played some fun games, and enjoyed the company we were with.
Saturday we took Ellison to get her 2nd flu shot (they give them in two parts here) and then afterwards attended a carnival the MD's office was throwing for the kids. Ellison enjoyed playing the fishing game, jumping in the bouncy house, and watching mama paint a ceiling tile with her initials on it. Kam enjoyed the catered food, and I enjoyed painting the ceiling tile to further decorate Ellison's room!
Sunday was busy with church stuff as always, but we were happy for the extra hour we gained when we "fell back"!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ellison is Famous!!!

My home town newspaper puts out the one year old edition every few months, and children who have had birthday's can be published in the paper with a little shout out from the parents. As usual, the Spectrum got part of our text wrong (it should read Col. Richard Howard, instead of Cole Richard Howard), but otherwise I think the little tribute turned out well!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not really a day off...

I didn't have any pictures uploaded showing specifics of this post, so I decided to give you some cute random pics of Ellison.
and I have been going, going, going lately. We have been so busy with work and school, and of course keeping up with Ellison. Last weekend the youth kept us busy. We spent Wednesday participating in a "shoe dinner". The concept is, the boy brings dinner for himself and a girl, and the girl brings dessert for herself and the boy. All the boys put a shoe in a bag, and the girl draws a shoe out, thus deciding who she will be having dinner with. The same is done with the girls, which decides who she shares her dessert with. It was a lot of fun and I think they youth had a good time. We played dating etiquette Jeopardy and talked about dating standards in the church.
On Friday, I went to a surprise party for a girl in our ward at another girls house. It was so much fun. We ate sushi and yummy snacks, as well as some yummy birthday cake. It was fun to hang out with some of the girls in the ward.
On Saturday, Kam, myself and Ellison drove to Raytown (approximately 45 minutes from where we live) for the youth to participate in the fall activity. There is a member family with a farm out there, every year they have a corn maze open to the public. During this activity, they had a dance in their barn for the youth 14 and older, and activities in the house for all the younger youth. They ended the activity with a hayride and haunted corn maze. We took Ellison on the haunted hayride/corn maze, and she was a champ! It was a lot of fun!
On Sunday, we drove to Clinton (approximately 30 minutes from where we live) to the stake center where we had standards night for the youth. It was a BUSY week/weekend.
This week has been pretty normal, however, I am working the weekend so I got today off. Instead of using my day off to relax, I decided to clean the house. I swept and mopped floors, scrubbed toilets, tubs and counter tops, cleaned mirrors, dusted, vacuumed, folded and put away laundry, wiped down the microwave and then fridge and even made dinner! I am becoming more and more domestic! It was a fun day. Kam and I met his mom and had lunch together, and I even had time to write this blog post! I keep telling Kam I could get used to staying home...just waiting for him to graduate and get a job!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Ellison...

Ellison is the cutest thing ever! I love her so much! She is so funny, has the cutest little smile, and charms most people who see her. When she is in the mood, she can be such a lovey, cuddly baby but...dun, dun, dun, she can also be quite a little monster!
As I said before, Ellison has the cutest smile, and can charm most anyone. We CONSTANTLY have people stop us so they can talk to or smile at Ellison, however, she can has this look she gives that can make you feel like you have done something so bad! This past Sunday, Ellison gave the "stare down" to a grown man during sacrament meeting. He frowned at her, she frowned right back, and held her own!
She has developed quite the attitude and temper. This past Sunday, we were walking by her Memaw's pool and Ellison decided she wanted to get in. When we told her she wasn't allowed to get in, she got mad, threw the toy she was holding in the pool, which was then promptly taken away.
She is also such a little ham. The other night, Kam and I went out to dinner. Ellison immediately seized the salt and pepper shakers, and shook them all over the table. Then she grabbed the ketchup and played with it, where it eventually landed on the floor. The fork we gave her also landed on the floor and when she grew tired of sitting in her high chair, she stood up and then started pointing and hollaring. Good thing everyone thought it was cute!
The last little story I have to share about Ellison. On Friday night, she decided it would be fun to tear off her diaper and then pee on the floor! Oh Ellison, you are a mystical creature. You move so quickly, disappear easily, and have knack of losing things!
I love you so much, and even though sometimes you drive me and dad crazy, we love you more than anything else! I miss you while I'm at work and can't wait to see you at the end of the day! You make us so happy, and make life so much fun and worthwhile! Keep us smiling, and never lose the attitude!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Week Follow Up...

On Wednesday I went in for my two week follow up from surgery. I waited in the waiting room for a good three hours, and was getting more and more anxious as I waited. They finally called me back and did the doppler. I was so anxious, and didn't dare look at the screen until the doppler guy, Chad, told me that everything looked good.
I met with Dr. Neglen next and he said that everything was still going well, and instead of coming in for a 4 week follow up like he was going to have me do, he wanted me to come in at 6 weeks. I am so happy about the results of the surgery. I still have pain at times in my leg, but it is significantly better. Dr. Neglen told me he was also happy about the way the surgery turned out and he was going to use some of the pictures that were taken of the vein in a conference he was going to be speaking at. So, needless to say, I will have famous veins!
On Friday night Kam and I met up with his family and attended the good 'ol Mississippi state fair. We had a good time. We took Ellison on the Merry Go Round and, she HATED it. She cried until I picked her up off the horse and held her. Kam took her on a flying ride, which she liked. We walked around, looking at the animals, which is where Ellison met her fate. We let her feed the Camels, and with the last carrot she gave him, he bit her little hand. Boy did she howl!
We have had a pretty good week. We have been staying busy with work, school and Ellison and are doing our best to keep up with it all! I have included some pics of the fair, and a pic of the what the stents look like that they placed in my leg.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flu Shots...

Monday and yesterday were the flu shot days at our house. On Monday I went to the MD to get my weekly blood draw (to check how thin my blood is) and I noticed a flyer in their glass cabinet announcing they were now offering flu shots. I get a flu shot every year, the hospital provides them to us for free and highly recommend we get one while working in germ city during the winter. I don't mind getting a flu shot, and even like the idea of it being provided free by the hospital, however, there is a catch. We are a teaching hospital, so when flu season comes around, that's what they do, they teach the student nurses how to give them...no thanks! So, I asked the nurse at my MD's office about getting one and sure enough, they were more than happy to oblige. I was reading through the paper they give regarding the effects of the shot when I read that children as young as 6 months could get them, so I decided to get Ellison a shot.

Yesterday was her turn. She did great! She cried for literally 10 seconds, and then noticed the toy bin they keep in the room and found some toys to play with while we waited the 10 minutes to make sure she didn't react to the shot. She found a friendly stuffed frog that "ribbets" and played happily until they came to make sure she was fine. She did have some slight redness at the injection site, so they gave her a little Benedryl and we were on our way. We have the second half of the shot (they give it in two parts, with a months time in between) in November.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sucker Making...

This past Wednesday night the girls planned to make suckers. So, like the good Young Women's leader I am, I prepared all the ingredients, bought sticks and molds and flavoring and made my way to the church. Once I got there and began unloading all the stuff, the girls look at the ingredients and said, "we wanted chocolate suckers". So, I think they were mildly disappointed, but toughed it out anyway.

I need to also let you know that I was the only leader there this past Wednesday. All my Counselors were busy, so this was a solo mission. So, during the candy making process, I tried my hardest to make sure each girl was involved, adding ingredients, stirring the sugar, etc. However, trying to keep an eye on 7 girls and my 1 year old child was a little difficult at times, but we had a good time.

So, there were a few girls who were taking the initiative to watch and stir the candy until it got to the point where we could pour into the molds. Unfortunately, they let the candy cook a little too long, and we had burned cinnamon flavored suckers! Although not completely successful, we still had a great time!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So two weeks ago, Kam and I headed to the hospital at 6 am in prep for surgery. We were feeling pretty lucky as I was the first person on the surgical schedule. I ran through all my pre-surgical screenings quickly and was in the OR by around 8 am. We felt even further lucky after we found out the doctor was able to place 3 stents to open the vein!! Yea!! The next morning, however, all of our luck had run out because the newly opened vein had clotted off with new clot. The doppler tech called the surgeon and let him know what he had seen on the ultrasound and the doctor decided we needed to try surgery again a week later.
This past Tuesday Kam and I were not feeling quite so lucky, we waited and waited and waited in the waiting room until about 10 am when they took us to my room in the ICU. There we waited, and waited and waited until around 3 pm when they came to take me for surgery. The MD (Dr. Neglen) wanted to place a catheter in the vein and drip medicine's to "bust" the clot and then place more stents in a narrowed spot he found in the vein. While I was getting these medicine's I had to be in the ICU just for monitering. So, he was able to successfully place the catheter and we were ecstatic. The next day they took me down to get a venogram done, which shows how the blood is flowing. We weren't able to see any dye in the vein and I was feeling a little hopeless, however, Dr. Neglen in his infinate wisdom decided to have a doppler done to check to see if the dye just wasn't making it past the narrowing in the vein, and sure enough, he was right, we did have blood flow! So, on Thursday we went back in for more surgery, he finished busting the clot and then was actually able to place 2 more stents in the narrowing! I think we were all on pins and needles that night and into the next morning to see if the surgery had clotted off or not.
The next morning the doppler tech came and did the ultrasound and sure enough, we had flow! Dr. Neglen was right there when the doppler tech came and wanted to see all the pics. It was so awesome. I could tell Dr. Neglen was proud of himself, and even asked the tech to take pics so he could show them in some conferences and stuff. The doppler tech said things couldn't look better. So, we are all on cloud 9 at the moment.
There is a 2 week period in which things can clot off, however, I am on some major blood thinners and am up and walking like crazy which helps prevent further clots. I go back on Oct. 1 to see Dr. Neglen where he will do another doppler to make sure things are still flowing. I have to give thanks to all those who have called, emailed, commented, whatever during this extremely stressful time. We have had such great support from friends, family and ward members, which has definately made things easier. I do have to ask that you all continue to pray that we will have flow at the 2 week follow up, and after that I think we are pretty much out of the woods. I also have to thank Dr. Neglen for all his hard work and intelligence, he is so seriously awesome! Mostly, I also have to thank Heavenly Father and Jesus for their blessing us with what we view as a miracle!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ellison's First Birthday...

Ellison's first birthday came and went, but we had a great time celebrating our little girl! Her birthday was Monday, Sept. 8th. We started the week with a birthday party at Kam's mom's house, aka Memaw. We had a family dinner, cake, ice cream and opened presents. Ellison got some cute clothes from her Memaw and Papa and Kallee, and a bear that sings from Memaw. Ellison got a little airplane she can push or ride on from Kam and I, as well as a play phone and some bath toys.

On Saturday we had her birthday party with family and friends at Memaw's house again. We were a little worried about the weather because of Hurricane Ike, but only got rained on a little bit. We barbecued in Memaw's yard and had some yummy hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, potato salad, chips drinks and cupcakes. We also had a little pinata (Curious George) there for the kids to hit. We had a good crew there, the Shields family, Flemmings, Rizzuto's, Simpson's, Kallee and her family and Kam's mom. Ellison was so lucky to get some more gifts from that party. She got a cute little play purse, a play cell phone and some blocks/shapes. We had a great time and Ellison did too!

For those of you who asked, I will blog later about the details surrounding surgery. Until then, enjoy the pics of Ellie!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry no pics...

We have been out of the Internet at our house for the past little while, which makes posting pics on the blog a little difficult. I will try to get some on my next post.

I am letting you all know that we are going to try for surgery again on Tues. Sept. 9th. The doctor thinks he can get a stent in place this time. He says if he is able to get it in, it will help with the pain, it will allow me to exercise more easily and I will feel a whole lot better. I am really hoping this works, I am in the mood to feel better. The surgery will be just a 24 hour stay in the hospital type of a thing and then I will go home and recoup. I will be down for just about 3 days and then I can be up and moving more, going to work, etc.

In happier news, we are on the countdown to Ellison's birthday. She will be turning one on Monday. I am bittersweet about it. It's fun to see her grow up and learn, but so sad that she isn't my baby anymore! I can't believe how fast this year has gone, it has seemed to fly and crawl by all at the same time. We are going to be having a jungle party for her complete with jungle cupcakes. My friend Elizabeth and I are going to try to make a cute little giraffe cake...it should be fun.

Young Women's is still going well, the girls and I are having a good time, and I am enjoying my time in YW. I have some awesome ideas I am working on for a combined activity as well as a young women's personal progress project. I will post pics and details later.

P.S. To my friend Kristalee, add me to your blog so I can view it and we can catch up!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tag Post...

I got TAGGED! Here are my thoughts...

I hearby proclaim...
I will never...
Use the Lord's name in vain
Stop finding ways to have fun
Allow myself to get overweight
Forget my dad
Lose my faith
I will always...
Love my child/ren
Work my hardest (whether it be at home, church or work)
Support and encourage my family (monetarily (if needed), emotionally, spiritually).
Look for opportunities to learn
Encourage my child/ren to get an education
I'll try to...
Be financially independent (student loans paid off for Kam and myself)
Create a loving and accepting home
Avoid gossiping about others
Read all the scriptures from beginning to end
Be knowingly dependable and happy person
When I'm old...
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Young Women thus far...

Well, I have been in Young Women about a month now, maybe a little more, and I feel like I have learned so much since then! One of the things I really like about Young Women is that when we have the lessons on Sunday, I leave feeling enlightened. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED being in primary and I learned a lot from the kids, but I left Primary feeling DRAINED! This has been a welcomed change.
We took the girls to Seminary Super Saturday about two weeks ago. It was a Tri-stake event and the girls really had a good time. There was a dance following the seminary activity and we had a good time at that. It was fun riding down with the girls and getting to know them, their likes and dislikes, etc.
My counselors and I just finished our first young men/young women combined activity. We played the Brandon Ward Youth Olympics. It was fun. We had six different "events" set up throughout the church including: hopscotch, floor darts, bowling, jump rope, bean bag toss, and the clothes pin toss. The kids worked in teams and completed the meadly, and even had a "baton" they had to pass back and forth. The kids had to answers church related questions at each station correctly, before they could complete the task at the station and then advance. Without the kids knowing, their "Baton" held a piece of paper that said "my testimony", so at the end of the evening, a member of the bishopric gave a little talk about how when we share and pass along our testimonies with others, we all succeed. It was awesome! We then finished with "gold medals" aka Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a snack. It was a lot of fun!
This evening the girls are staying over at our house for the night and we are going to go "heart attack" the less active girls. I think they will have fun. Then tomorrow early in the morning we are shipping them off to the church so they can go on their temple trip.
I love young womens, but goodness, it's a lot of work!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only one more year!!!

I am excited to make this post because as the title states, Kam only has one more year of law school left! His last year of law school starts on Wednesday the 20th. It feels like these past two years have both flown and drug by. We have had a lot of stuff go on in the past two years, a lot good, a lot bad, but this is going to be great! I am so excited for Kam to finally finish, and I know he is too. The new motivational phrase at our house is going to be, "only one more year." So, to Kam, I wish you luck this last year, study hard, and make good grades! Soon you will be graduating and studying for the bar!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Awesome Trip to D.C...

We just returned from our visit to D.C. where we were able to spend time with Kam’s family who are living on Andrew’s Air Force Base. Let me just say, D.C. is one of the most awesome places I have ever been! The city is so beautiful, well kept and clean. There is so much to do, and there is just this awesome, upbeat, fun feeling to the city.

We flew in to Baltimore on Thursday evening and basically just hung out with Kam’s family. Ellison was being a little difficult when we got there, but she soon perked up and was excited to see everyone! On Friday we spent the morning visiting, going to the BX (a department store on the base) and then spent the afternoon and evening on the mall visiting all the monuments. We were able to see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, a World War II Memorial, the Vietnam wall and the White House. We also saw the Capital building from a far. It was a lot of walking, but totally worth it!

On Saturday we spent the day at Mount Vernon, which was totally awesome. We toured George Washington’s house, saw the room and the bed that Washington died in, and toured his home. It was really beautiful and we learned that 40% of the furniture in his home is original…very cool! We also spent that night touring the building Kam’s dad works in on Andrews, visiting his office, etc. and it was so interesting! I also got my hair cut and colored that night, can we say hallelujah! Thanks Tiffini!

On Sunday we said goodbye to Kam’s sister and her family and then headed out to Gettysburg. We toured the museum there and saw all the battlefields. Gettysburg had this awesome historic feeling to it, and it was so green and beautiful. The downtown of Gettysburg was totally touristy, but so cute! We were also able to see the Washington D.C. temple along the freeway on our way to Gettysburg, and it was so beautiful. It looks like this castle that is floating above the freeway!

On Monday we went downtown again and visited the Holocaust Museum which was so interesting and then tried to go see Ford’s theatre, but it was closed, however got to see the outside of the building, as well as the building where Lincoln died. After walking past the theatre, we went to the International Spy Museum, and played a spy game, which was so fun. We had to find our way into the game by pushing on the wall and then once we were in the game, we were taken around by our “Field Officer.” We had to follow a double agent who had a meeting with her cousin on video equipment, then we had to “break into” an office and diffuse security camera’s, rifle through papers, and find a “trigger” to a “nuclear bomb” that was going to be sold. We then “jumped” into the back of a van (which was really just a moving room) and were debriefed about things we found in the office. We then went and “conducted a lie detector test” on the double agent. After that, the game was pretty much over. It was so much fun! Kam, Ellison and I headed home with Kam’s mom after that to meet my cousin Shelli, her husband Lige and their two little ones Liam and Remy, as well as Lige’s little sister Cam. It was so fun to visit with Shelli and her family. Her little ones are so cute!

Tuesday Morning we went to Arlington and saw the changing of the Guard, which was totally awesome. I have to relay a funny story. During the changing of the Guard, they ask you to remain standing and silent out of respect for the Unknown Soldier. Well, Kam’s brother Kory decided to bend down, I think to get a better shot with his camera. Well, one of the soldiers announced that everyone needed to remain standing during the ceremony, directing the comment at Kory. We then went into Baltimore and hung at the mall a minute or town to grab something to eat, and kill a little time before the flight left. We flew home on Tuesday evening.

We had a great time. We played some emotional games of Settlers, drank lots of Slurpee’s and heard people randomly singing the “milkshake song” throughout the trip. Of course we all came home with colds, but also a lot of really great memories! Kam, Ellison and I can’t wait to get back!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Thoughts...

I decided to use by blog again as a way to express feelings. My thoughts on this post hopefully aren't as depressing as the last time I decided to vent, but some thoughts I will admit are sad for me.
I have been thinking a lot about my dad the past few days, and have really been missing him. I miss that he is not here for me to ask random questions to, or to help me feel better when I am feeling down. I am sad that we aren't able to share the happy and exciting experiences we are having with him. I am sad he hasn't been able to see Ellison at all, and has missed out on her entire life here on earth and that he missed Ryan's wedding. It is sad to think that he will never know mine or Ryan's and some of Brad's children.
Kam has told me multiple times that Heavenly Father knew that my dad could help us more on the other side than he could here, and irionically enough, soon after he passed, I started having all my issues. I know he is around and is aware of everything that is going on with us, but it's not the same as having him physically here. On the upside, he lived a great life, all his children look up to his example and have tried to model their lives in the way he lived his.
I will say that one of my sweetest memories of him was actually the last time I saw him. Kam and I were in the midst of moving to Mississippi and I really wanted my folks to come along, however knew they would never go for long hours in a car, driving across country. That's when I had a great idea...dangle the idea of Nauvoo in front of him to entice him. I knew I could talk my dad into more so than my mom, and he could talk her into the idea. So, I presented the idea to him, and he bit! He and my mom flew out and we met them in Nauvoo. We spent 2 happy days in the small town with them. I was anxious to get to Mississippi so we could meet the moving truck and get the drive over with, and my dad kept trying to talk us into staying another night. I wish now I would have. Right before Kam and I took off to get to Mississippi, I said goodbye to my parents and thought to myself, "what if this is the last time I see them?" I quickly dismissed the thought, and then said to myself, "don't be so silly, you will see them at Christmas." I hugged my parents and then watched them walk into the Nauvoo temple to do a session. That is the last memory I have. I am greatful that the last thing I saw my dad do was participate in a temple session.
I have been thinking a lot about a surgery that may or may not happen. Whenever I over do it (exercise, work, whatever), my leg will start to hurt. Well I just so happens that I have overdone it, and my leg is hurting. I am so over this and am really needing a reprieve. Would you guys think I am crazy to look forward to surgery? Well I do, if it means that pain is alleviated! I am going to try to make an appointment with the surgeon in September and hopefully he will tell me he can slice and get this thing taken care of!
On happier thoughts, I have been thinking a lot about Young Women. I feel that if I just get in there and love the girls, everything will fall into place. I am however, concerned about all the activites, the amount of time it takes and all the other little details. I have such awesome counselors, so I know that we will be successful, I guess it's just this whole getting used to the change in calling thing. I will say this, I already love the girls, and am constantly thinking of ways to show them we care about them, to help them make good choices. We are having a super Saturday on August 9th that I am looking forward to taking the girls to.
I have been thinking about Ellison's first birthday. It's coming so soon and I can't believe my little 5 week early, 5 lbs. 11 oz baby is almost a year old! I know I still have a month and a half, but I have been trying to figure out exactly how to celebrate the occasion, when, etc and I think I have a good bit of it figured out and to be explained in later posts. I am going for a jungle theme (sort of like her unfinished bedroom!), and I will be great!
Weight loss is also something that is constantly on my mind. I have sort of been keeping a food journal, and was on a really good exercise program, but am taking a small break while my leg hurts. I am only about 5-7 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight, however I want to loose an additional 7 lbs off of that, so I am still around 12-14 lbs from my goal. I lose about a pound a week, but then when I have to stop because of my leg, it seems (of course) to creap back on. Anyhow, still trying to figure that one out!
The last thought I have is that I am excited for our upcoming t rip to D.C. to visit Kam's parents and hopefully see my cousin Shelli and her little fam. I am excited to see all the landmarks and visit some great museums. I know I am a total nerd, but I love historic, and/or educational landmarks, and D.C. is chuck full of them! I am psyched to take it all in!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Ellison First...

The past few days Ellison has not been acting like her normal self. She has been clingy, a little fussy and was running a fever. We chalked it up to her teething because she is getting her second bottom too as well. This continued for about 4 days, we would give her Tylenol, the fever would go down, the Tylenol would wear off, and the fever would go right back up. So, I decided to call the doctor and try to get Ellison in on Saturday.
We get to the doctors office, he looks in her ears, and says she has the starts of an ear infection. So, we are dealing with our first ear infection. The doctor gave her an antibiotic which we give her two times a day, which leads into a funny story.
On Sunday Ellie was crawling around the front room, I was sitting on the couch working on some Young Women stuff and Kam was walking around. Kam noticed some brown spots on the carpet, and started freaking out! In a frantic tone I heard "I think that's poop, I think that's poop," so I look over, and sure enough, there is poop on the carpet, Ellison's legs, her dress, everywhere! So Kam was left to clean the carpet and I stripped Ellison down, cleaned her up and then put her in the tub. Poor Ellison has been stricken with diarrhea from the antibiotic.
Sunday was also an eventful day for Ellison. She was playing in our bedroom, pulling up on the furniture when she fell and hit her head on the cedar chest. She has a big goose egg, with a purple bruise on her forehead! She cried like I have never heard her cry before! I felt to bad for my little one! We put ice on it after she fell asleep, which I think helped with the swelling. So, there is another first for Ellison.
Otherwise, things are going well. Work is busy as always, I am working the weekend this weekend, which means I get to take a day off during the week, Thursday. I fumbled my way through my first YW activity and Sunday, but am hoping to get better! I am finishing up in Primary, ending my run as President on Wednesday by running the summer Primary activity my Presidency an I planned.
Kam and I have been diligent about exercising. We go at least 3-5 times a week, sometimes more, walking or doing a walk/jog combo for about 50 minutes each session, and then do weights 2 days a week. Thanks to my sister, she has been helping me with the weightlifting part, which she told me helped her drop a lot of weight...I am still waiting for that to happen!
Tuesday was my birthday, and boy was I spoiled! Kam had me look for clues to find my gifts. He got me some perfume, shoes, weights, a game, pictures/frames of Ellison and then a necklace that was from Ellie.
On Friday we went to a Japanese Steakhouse for my birthday dinner. It was so funny to watch the look on Ellison's face as she watched the man cook on the flattop in front of us. She got scared when fire appeared, but was easily calmed. On Saturday Kam had a 10 year reunion, but I will let him blog about that, while Ellison and I attended the ward Pioneer day activity, which was fun.
That was our week in review, sorry to do yet another run down, but that is what has been going on with us. I have decided I can do the run downs, and Kam can do the fun little posts...seems like a good set up! I will remind him to blog about our Sunday activity! I hope all my readers are doing great!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This past Sunday Mom flew back to Mississippi to visit for a few weeks before helping Kallee and the kids drive to D.C. where we will all try to meet up for a few days. Yes, poor Mom doesn't really have a home. Technically she has two houses but I am not quite sure she has a home. Since she must split her time between MS and D.C. So when she goes to either she visits. Regardless of what it actually is when she visits either place the family residences that live their sure do enjoy the time she does. Since Kallee and Chris were out of town to Nauvoo Lisa and I decided to invite Mother over for dinner. After dinner we got Mom to rock it out on our Wii by playing a few minutes of Guitar Hero III. I was impressed at how well Mom did. She tried two songs and each time she played them she was able to complete 40% of the song. I am not sure I have ever really seen my Mom play video games so this was quite something. (Although she really enjoys the bowling on the Wii sports game and does quite well with it.) It is fun to have Mom back even if just for a few weeks Enjoy the picture of Rockin' Mom.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Approximately one month ago, Kam and I were stopped by the executive secretary at the end of Sacrament meeting and told us the Bishop wanted to talk to us following church. I thought to myself, "Oh no, Kam is finally getting a calling when I need him to watch the baby during Primary." I went through the rest of church working on Primary stuff, getting our activity ready, checking on classes, etc. During this time I ran into the 1st and 2nd counselor in the hallway. We began to chat and I started trying to convince them to tell me what the Bishop wanted to talk to us about. I knew the Young Men's presidency was needing to fill some positions, so I was slightly worried that Kam would be called to that. Of course the counselors wouoldn't crack, and I was left to figure out in my mind how he was going to juggle school, Young Men's and home life up until we met with the Bishop.

We walked into his office and participated in small talk. He started asking us how long we were planning on being here, how things were going in Primary, at work and in school, just chit chat. Then he hit us with it, the calling was for me, and they called me to be the new Young Women's President. I was floored. "Are you serious?" and "Ok, Ok" was all I could muster. So, last Sunday they finally sustained and set apart myself and my presidency. I think it will be a good group and I am excited to get to know the girls. We are having our first presidency meeting today and I think we have a lot of good ideas.

I am sad to leave my Primary kids. I have really enjoyed my time in Primary and have learned to love those kids. I know the new President will do a great job, but in a way it's bitter sweet to leave Primary behind.

So, if any of you have any positive suggestions in how to make my time in Young Women's successful, please suggest away!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hi and Bye, Bye...

This past week was a pretty good week. I was so happy by only having to work a four day week, it makes me wish every week was a four day week! Work has been somewhat slow, which has been a nice change. Instead of trying to see eleven or twelve patients a day, I have had eight on my list, which allows me time to see all my patients. I am on the ortho floor right now, which is a nice and for the most part, welcomed change. The treatments seem to be easier on this floor and most patients don't mind participating in therapy because they have elected to have their surgeries.
I did have one patient the other day who was in an accident and broke both of his legs, he was young and had surgery to correct his fractures. The Physical Therapist and I went in to work with this gentleman and get him out of bed. The man did fine getting out of bed, but once he tried standing, he told us he simply could not. HE DIDN'T EVEN REALLY TRY! I calmly told him that because of his injuries and his surgery he was going to have pain and would need to try to work through it. He became frustrated and told the PT and I we didn't understand because he had just had surgery yesterday. We explained to him that we get patients out of bed the day after surgery all the time, and sometimes we get them out of bed the day of surgery. We explained to him that we do this with all patients, even the little 80 year old ladies. The man continued to refuse.
What made matters worse was that they were trying to get this man out of the hospital the next day. The man didn't have insurance and couldn't get any equipment unless he paid for it. He kept telling us he needed a wheelchair, but I didn't (and still don't) feel he needs a wheelchair because he is weight bearing as tolerated on both of this legs. I was so frustrated with the man and ready to leave work following that. To all my male readers, I am sorry but this reaffirms that to me, women have a much higher pain tolerance.
Ellison has had quite a remarkable week. She is able to stand unsupported for longer periods of time. She has learned how to wave hello and bye, bye, and we think (crossing my fingers) that she is finally starting to get back on a schedule. Ellison is starting to eat more solid foods and her little tooth continues to grow more and more.
Ellison also celebrated her first fourth of July! She really enjoyed the fireworks, which surprised me, and even fell asleep during the fireworks show, which further surprised me. Kam and I attended the ward pancake breakfast, and then ate dinner and had a fourth of July party at Kam's sisters house with some other ward members. It was a good time, and much better than last year, when I contracted all day long! Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is my first blog post to what has been Lisa's forum for keeping track of our lives. I don't know why I thought I would post one now but here it goes.
Most of the family knows the "drama" I guess you could say surrounding the families and my dog Kiwi. A quick synopsis will help those that don't know. Kiwi is the forgotten dog. Ever since Mom got Katie the mini schnauzer Kiwi has been kicked to the proverbial cAurb. Because of Kiwi's copious amounts of shedding hair she has not been as free as she would like to come into the house. However, now that Dad lives in D.C. Mom must visit and spend time up there as well. Leaving Kiwi to have free rein of the house. Up until this pas visit that Mom has taken to D.C. Kiwi has been fine. Yet, this past leave from Mom has caused Kiwi to go into crazy, depressed, manic mode. Kiwi has clawed, dug, and abandoned the house she usually tries so desperately to get into.
I had to discuss this with both Kallee and Mom to figure out what to do. We were not sure. Lisa noticed that Lowe's was having a sale on fencing and I looked into that. (Maybe it will still be a possibility) I figured pricing and talked to Mom about it. However, that could take a while and the cost was around $600+. Instead I bought a tether system. So yesterday started Kiwi's, you could say, unindependence day.
A quick story from last year. Our house got infested with fleas. I think Lisa may have blogged about this but a quick reminder. It was awful. What is worse is I noticed a hot spot of flea activity at Mom's house since she left. It was gross. I have since used half a can of pesticide that was under Mom's sink. It may have done the trick. Anyway ever since out infestation I have been paranoid when I see fleas on the dogs and particularly on my person. This led to extreme measures if I was to rescue or take hold of Kiwi's madness.
So, Yesterday I headed to Mom's. Kiwi was not there the day before but came quickly over when called. I immediately got the hair comb and began to brush Kiwi. She was in heaven. No one has done that for a while let alone given her much attention. I then called Mom to locate the doggy hair clippers. With a buzz and some gross but enjoyment I cut into the jungle of Kiwi's mane. It went pretty easily. However, there was a lot of dirt and bugs. Lots of fleas at least two different kinds it appeared. Some were large some were small. They were freaked out because I was destroying their great hiding place. Kiwi did fairly well. I wish I had the camera to take a picture of all the hair. I have it on my phone but do not yet have a way to transfer to computer. Anyway after the shaving I gave her a bath with a couple different fleas shampoos. Locked her in the bathroom while prepared to leave. Sprayed her with flea spray and off we went to walmart. I was nervous about the fleas dirt and hair so Kiwi got to ride in the trunk. Fortunately our car has a 60/40 split on the rear seats and I was able to crack it a bit so Kiwi could get some good fresh air and hang out with Ellison and I. (By the way Ellison loves dogs and has loved Kiwi and Katie since she realized what they are.
Skipping minuet details I got the equipment, plus flea collar for extra protection, set up the tether system on the existing part of the fence in the backyard, got out the medium size harness for dogs and attempted to put it on Kiwi. It was way to small. So we went out later and I exchanged it for a large it fits great. Kiwi spent all yesterday in the garage did fine and is at this moment out on the tether system. She is getting the hang of it and seems much happier. Now Ellison and I can go hang out with her and Kiwi can come on our exercise walks with the family. I really enjoy having Kiwi around and really enjoy the interaction between Ellison and Kiwi. They both seem to not only tolerate each other but enjoy each other.
Ellison will pull and grab at Kiwi's fat rolls and ears. Kiwi does nothing just sits there happy to be loved. Kiwi will try to lick Ellison for loving on her. Ellison loves to watch the dog. If the dog leaves her sight she whips around till Kiwi is in view. Hopefully and so far this situation will work out for everyone. As for Kiwi I think Unindependence Day may be her best day ever. Enjoy the pictures. I think Kiwi looks great shaved. It makes her look skinnier, healthier, and younger. It reminds me of when she was a puppy. So if it is possible I will try to keep her shaved. Except maybe the winter time.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another One Down...

Another week down. Last weekend Kam and I celebrated our Anniversary. We went to a fairly popular restaurant here in Jackson called Ichiban. It is a huge Chinese buffet, and also has a huge sushi bar, which was the main reason for our visit. We had a great time trying the different types of sushi rolls they had at the sushi bar. We also decided to spoil ourselves a little bit and went shopping. I haven't really shopped since before Ellison was born. I did decide to only buy shirts this shopping trip because I am still trying to lose this baby weight. We were able to find some good stuff.
I also had a doctor's appointment this week. Things are going well, and my blood tests have all been coming back good, which is good news. Even the doctor was surprised because we have had a hard time getting my INR (how thick/thin your blood is). My blood has been thin enough so we have been happy with that. I also found out from the doctor's appointment that I have lost approximately 15 pounds since I had the baby so, only 15 more to go!
Work is busy as always. I just finished my last week on the Trauma and medical floors. I like those floors alright, but I have decided these are my least favorite of the rotation. It seems like the patients there are always really banged up and are there forever! No lie, we just had a patient on the trauma floor leave this month who has been there since before Thanksgiving of last year! I am rotating onto the Ortho floor, which is nice because the nurses up there are fun and the treatments are easy!
Kam and I have been busy trying to exercise these past two weeks and get back on our schedules...as it has slipped since we went to Utah. We have been doing pretty well, however the past 3 days of this week have been raining, which has halted the exercise. We have also been busy in the yard, weeding the flower beds and trying to give our house some curb appeal. Kam still needs to mow the lawn.
I decided to include pictures of Ellison and I swimming in Memaw's pool, in the new dress Memaw sent her and some of her enjoying her banana's.