Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Has Begun...

We have finally begun the flooring process! Yesterday our friend Nick Shields and his cousin Cameron came over and happily for us, tore up the house! Not literally of course, but the flooring in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. We have one bathroom tiled, and more than half of the kitchen which leaves the laundry room and master bath to be started. Nick said that he will probably be able to get everything tiled by today and then start grouting with the whole project completed by Friday. We are so excited and needless to say, the kitchen and bathrooms look soooo much better. The tile is being laid in a brick pattern and it makes the kitchen look so much more updated!
After the tile is finished being installed, we have new carpeting going into all three bedrooms and laminate flooring going into the living room and hallway. We have had a lot of great help with our flooring decisions, and can't thank Nick J and Nick S enough! We will post before and after pics of the kitchen and bathrooms as soon as the project is completed so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As always, we have been so incredibly busy that blogging has taken a backburner. I have been busy at work with a student. She is so much better than my last (thank goodness) and has taken up most of my "free time" at work. She is finishing out 4 of 8 weeks this week so she is almost halfway there!

Last week I went into see the Vascular Surgeon and he decided that the stenosis(vein narrowing) was significant enough to warrant surgery. So, on Thursday I went in for round 5 and had another surgery where he did a balloon dilation and placed another stent, totaling 6. Recovery hasn't been too bad, but I have been sore.

Kam has been busy getting his bar application ready. He got all his paperwork sent in and ready to go, only to find out he didn't pay all the fees, so lucky us dealt out more money!

Kam and I have also been busy trying to get the flooring replaced in the house. We had a friend over to measure the floor and have picked out the carpeting and laminate. Now all we need to pick out is the tile. I can't wait to get the project underway!

Ellison has been keeping us on our toes as always! She is constantly learning new words and amazes us daily with her attitude. The other day she kept telling me NO!, so I held her little face with my hands and sternly told her that we don't talk to our mom's that way. After her little lecture, she grabbed my face with her hands, and gave me a big kiss. Now how do you stay mad at that?

We are all doing well, keeping busy and having fun.