Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sucker Making...

This past Wednesday night the girls planned to make suckers. So, like the good Young Women's leader I am, I prepared all the ingredients, bought sticks and molds and flavoring and made my way to the church. Once I got there and began unloading all the stuff, the girls look at the ingredients and said, "we wanted chocolate suckers". So, I think they were mildly disappointed, but toughed it out anyway.

I need to also let you know that I was the only leader there this past Wednesday. All my Counselors were busy, so this was a solo mission. So, during the candy making process, I tried my hardest to make sure each girl was involved, adding ingredients, stirring the sugar, etc. However, trying to keep an eye on 7 girls and my 1 year old child was a little difficult at times, but we had a good time.

So, there were a few girls who were taking the initiative to watch and stir the candy until it got to the point where we could pour into the molds. Unfortunately, they let the candy cook a little too long, and we had burned cinnamon flavored suckers! Although not completely successful, we still had a great time!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So two weeks ago, Kam and I headed to the hospital at 6 am in prep for surgery. We were feeling pretty lucky as I was the first person on the surgical schedule. I ran through all my pre-surgical screenings quickly and was in the OR by around 8 am. We felt even further lucky after we found out the doctor was able to place 3 stents to open the vein!! Yea!! The next morning, however, all of our luck had run out because the newly opened vein had clotted off with new clot. The doppler tech called the surgeon and let him know what he had seen on the ultrasound and the doctor decided we needed to try surgery again a week later.
This past Tuesday Kam and I were not feeling quite so lucky, we waited and waited and waited in the waiting room until about 10 am when they took us to my room in the ICU. There we waited, and waited and waited until around 3 pm when they came to take me for surgery. The MD (Dr. Neglen) wanted to place a catheter in the vein and drip medicine's to "bust" the clot and then place more stents in a narrowed spot he found in the vein. While I was getting these medicine's I had to be in the ICU just for monitering. So, he was able to successfully place the catheter and we were ecstatic. The next day they took me down to get a venogram done, which shows how the blood is flowing. We weren't able to see any dye in the vein and I was feeling a little hopeless, however, Dr. Neglen in his infinate wisdom decided to have a doppler done to check to see if the dye just wasn't making it past the narrowing in the vein, and sure enough, he was right, we did have blood flow! So, on Thursday we went back in for more surgery, he finished busting the clot and then was actually able to place 2 more stents in the narrowing! I think we were all on pins and needles that night and into the next morning to see if the surgery had clotted off or not.
The next morning the doppler tech came and did the ultrasound and sure enough, we had flow! Dr. Neglen was right there when the doppler tech came and wanted to see all the pics. It was so awesome. I could tell Dr. Neglen was proud of himself, and even asked the tech to take pics so he could show them in some conferences and stuff. The doppler tech said things couldn't look better. So, we are all on cloud 9 at the moment.
There is a 2 week period in which things can clot off, however, I am on some major blood thinners and am up and walking like crazy which helps prevent further clots. I go back on Oct. 1 to see Dr. Neglen where he will do another doppler to make sure things are still flowing. I have to give thanks to all those who have called, emailed, commented, whatever during this extremely stressful time. We have had such great support from friends, family and ward members, which has definately made things easier. I do have to ask that you all continue to pray that we will have flow at the 2 week follow up, and after that I think we are pretty much out of the woods. I also have to thank Dr. Neglen for all his hard work and intelligence, he is so seriously awesome! Mostly, I also have to thank Heavenly Father and Jesus for their blessing us with what we view as a miracle!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ellison's First Birthday...

Ellison's first birthday came and went, but we had a great time celebrating our little girl! Her birthday was Monday, Sept. 8th. We started the week with a birthday party at Kam's mom's house, aka Memaw. We had a family dinner, cake, ice cream and opened presents. Ellison got some cute clothes from her Memaw and Papa and Kallee, and a bear that sings from Memaw. Ellison got a little airplane she can push or ride on from Kam and I, as well as a play phone and some bath toys.

On Saturday we had her birthday party with family and friends at Memaw's house again. We were a little worried about the weather because of Hurricane Ike, but only got rained on a little bit. We barbecued in Memaw's yard and had some yummy hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, potato salad, chips drinks and cupcakes. We also had a little pinata (Curious George) there for the kids to hit. We had a good crew there, the Shields family, Flemmings, Rizzuto's, Simpson's, Kallee and her family and Kam's mom. Ellison was so lucky to get some more gifts from that party. She got a cute little play purse, a play cell phone and some blocks/shapes. We had a great time and Ellison did too!

For those of you who asked, I will blog later about the details surrounding surgery. Until then, enjoy the pics of Ellie!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry no pics...

We have been out of the Internet at our house for the past little while, which makes posting pics on the blog a little difficult. I will try to get some on my next post.

I am letting you all know that we are going to try for surgery again on Tues. Sept. 9th. The doctor thinks he can get a stent in place this time. He says if he is able to get it in, it will help with the pain, it will allow me to exercise more easily and I will feel a whole lot better. I am really hoping this works, I am in the mood to feel better. The surgery will be just a 24 hour stay in the hospital type of a thing and then I will go home and recoup. I will be down for just about 3 days and then I can be up and moving more, going to work, etc.

In happier news, we are on the countdown to Ellison's birthday. She will be turning one on Monday. I am bittersweet about it. It's fun to see her grow up and learn, but so sad that she isn't my baby anymore! I can't believe how fast this year has gone, it has seemed to fly and crawl by all at the same time. We are going to be having a jungle party for her complete with jungle cupcakes. My friend Elizabeth and I are going to try to make a cute little giraffe should be fun.

Young Women's is still going well, the girls and I are having a good time, and I am enjoying my time in YW. I have some awesome ideas I am working on for a combined activity as well as a young women's personal progress project. I will post pics and details later.

P.S. To my friend Kristalee, add me to your blog so I can view it and we can catch up!