Friday, August 29, 2008

Tag Post...

I got TAGGED! Here are my thoughts...

I hearby proclaim...
I will never...
Use the Lord's name in vain
Stop finding ways to have fun
Allow myself to get overweight
Forget my dad
Lose my faith
I will always...
Love my child/ren
Work my hardest (whether it be at home, church or work)
Support and encourage my family (monetarily (if needed), emotionally, spiritually).
Look for opportunities to learn
Encourage my child/ren to get an education
I'll try to...
Be financially independent (student loans paid off for Kam and myself)
Create a loving and accepting home
Avoid gossiping about others
Read all the scriptures from beginning to end
Be knowingly dependable and happy person
When I'm old...
I'll tell funny stories
Continues to look for ways to have fun
Love my family
Do Genealogy
Attend the temple weekly
Remember my Dad
Someday I'll:
Be healthy
Be a full time mom and part time OT
Travel to my hearts content
Live in multiple places
Serve a mission
Dance in the rain
I tag: Marcie, Shelli, Shayla, Heather, Kristal, Sarah, Cailin, Natalie, Jamie


Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

It's fun to see what everyone says, and how different our answers can be. About Mrs. Smith I hope it's not the same one, I know there are a couple, this one is really, really, old she was probably in her late 50's early 60's when I was in kindergarten.

Taylor Family said...

That was a really cute tag.