Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So today is another day and a of course another bump in the road. Today I went to the Dr. for my gestational diabetes test. Well of course I got to drink that disgustingly sweet drink an hour before, and then had the wonderful opportunity to give my blood following to check the sugar levels. Well the cut off for gestational diabetes is anything below 140. Well as it turns out, my score was 140 on the dot...so I get to go back next Monday for the fasting glucose test. My Dr. told me it was going to take 3 hours for the test. I get to drink that yummy stuff again, and then give blood an hour later, and then again an hour later. This is all going to be happening the day before Nauvoo...fun stuff! The Dr. told me she isn't worried I have gestational diabetes at all, and was able to say with almost 100% surety that I don't, but I do have to go and take the test, just to be sure...Other than that, everything is looking great with the baby and me!