Friday, November 30, 2007

A Losing Battle...

I have decided that I am losing the battle. You know what I mean. It's down to just saying no, and I can't do it. The will power is gone, I mean how can I deny myself of the sweet taste of a nice brownie? I can't deprive myself of the cookies that were at the baby shower or the trifle at Thanksgiving. Nevermind that I still have 20 post pregnancy pounds to lose...not to mention the fact that exercise isn't easy anymore with big blood clot sitting in my leg. I would love to lose this weight, but I am beginning to wonder if it will be possible. In 3 months, I have lost 3, yes 3 pounds. I was hoping by this time it might be more like 10. So I have this to all you women who are able to fit into your skinny jeans just weeks after giving childbirth, may your hips spread wildy and your thighs engorge, so you know just how I feel!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

This whole blogging thing...

As I have quietly lurked around other blogs on the web, I have decided that my blog is somewhat boring compared to the other blogs I have seen. How do other bloggers get such cute backgrounds on their blogs? How do they upload or download all the little "extras" such as polls, slide shows, etc? I have decided I am not as blog savvy as I once thought I was. Perhaps I just don't pay my blog as much attention as others do (keeping in mind I work a 40 hour week), or maybe it's all just beyond my mental capacity at this time. So to all you savvy bloggers out!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My addiction...

So I thought I would indulge my readers (the few I have) regarding one of my latest addictions. Since being on bed rest, Kam and I found that "regular" TV is no longer cutting it, and invested in Dish Network. My oh my has this opened up a new world to us! I have found that not only am I addicted to cable TV, but one channel in 110 a.k.a the Food Network channel. I know that most of the time I will never try the recipes, but something about watching someone else cook makes me feel more domestic. I love watching Giada (*sp) on Everyday Italian, The Barefoot Contessa, and of course 3o minute meals by Rachel Ray. I have also found that prime time food network is great. Who wouldn't love the Food Network challenges, Throw down with Bobby Flay, Ace of Cakes and Dinner Impossible? And of course, let us not forget the fast paced favorite...Iron Chef. So to all the Food Network lovers out there...cook on!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week in Review

So I thought I would write a run down on what has happened this week. Monday through Wednesday were pretty uneventful. I came home from work on Monday feeling listless and with a scratchy sore throat. I felt bad because I didn't want to be around Ellison and get her sick, so in addition to spending 8 hours away from her at work, I spent the rest of the evening in bed, keeping my distance. I had the day off on Thursday, so Ellie and I got to hang out. We were pretty low key, and at 2:30 I went to get my blood drawn (which is now only happening every 2 weeks!). At 4:00, we took Ellie to get her RSV shot. I felt so bad as I heard her screaming, but I kept telling myself it is for her own good. We have to take her to get these shots every month through RSV season. Yesterday I had to work, and Kam got the lucky job of taking Ellison to get her immunizations. Kam said she only cried for about 5 minutes after it was over, but she was fussy last night, and has been some today. The pediatrician said she is in perfectly good health and all was well. He even gave us a prescription for some ear drops to give to her before we take off on the plane during our visit out to Utah. I have to work the weekend, so I went to bed early last night, and woke up feeling awful again today. I hope I can get over this cold soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's offical, I am back to work after having Ellison. I have hated coming back to work and leaving my little one, but I have no other choice. I have to admit that I am quietly looking around for something that isn't going to require 40 hours a week, pays well and offers insurance. If anyone knows of a job like this, I would be more than happy to take the offer...unfortunately no one wants to offer me anything like this. In the mean time I have let my boss know if the oppertunity to reduce hours ever arises, I would definately be interested. We will have to see how that goes! In other exciting news, Kam and I have booked our tickets home for Christmas. We are flying into Las Vegas on the night of the 26th and flying out the afternoon of the 2nd. We are going to try to bless Ellison while we are out there.