Friday, December 21, 2007

Co-workers...what's the use?

So I have decided that many of my co-workers are a bunch of gossipy grownups who act like children. I will admit, before I had Ellison, a small part of my work life was involved in gossiping. I guess I enjoyed the thrill of what was going to be said next about whom. After having Ellison, my perspective has changed and I am no longer interested in such silly banter. I wonder if these people realize how hurtful gossip can be? It's interesting that many of the people who do choose to gossip can dish it out, but can't take it (sorry for being so cliche). Anyhow, I have this to say, I am now promising that as much as I can help and resist getting sucked into the gossipping, I will NOT gossip any longer! Besides when one person gossips about another, does it just make the person gossipping look bad? (Did you all get that?) I think so!