Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dare I say Spring?

The weather has changed considerably in the past few weeks, and for the past few days, Kam and I have HAD to turn on the air conditioner in the car. I have started wearing some capri pants (the ones I fit into), and found some cute little summer shoes on sale at Wal-Mart (can't beat 5 dollars a pair). I almost don't want to welcome such beautiful weather in fear that it will change again. It has been so nice taking Ellison for walks in the evening, and having some sunlight after 5:00 pm (although I despise the time change). And we keep talking about getting a bike trailer for Ellison to ride in so Kam and I can start riding our bikes again.
With such great change in weather, come the bugs. Kam and I had some friends over for a BBQ the other night, and had to pull out the bug spray because the mosquito's were out in full force. I got bitten a few times, and I think Ellison got one right on her little cheek.
This morning we had one of our quarterly primary activities. We had an Easter activity. The kids started off by making biscuits with marshmallows inside. Once the rolls have baked, the marshmallow melts, and the biscuit is empty...just like the tomb after the resurrection. We also had a scripture treasure hunt around the church for the older kids, and a color and take home puzzle for the little ones. The kids also had a chance to decorate sugar cookies, and we ended with an Easter egg hunt. Overall it was successful, however somewhat disappointing because only six children showed up. Sometimes it is so frustrating and disappointing that we as a presidency put so much time and effort into these activities only to have a poor turnout. I am grateful we were able to serve the six that were there, but would have loved to see the numbers we planned for.
The rest of the week was alright. I went back to work on Tuesday after dropping my mom off at the airport. I have hated leaving Ellison, it is so awful. The week seemed to be so long even though I only worked 4 days. I found out my blood isn't thin enough yet after surgery, so my doctor bumped up the coumadin dosage for a day, and I go back and have it re-tested on Monday. (I guess through all this experience, I have come out on top regarding one thing...I am no longer afraid of needles). Kam has officially started his spring break, although I am a bit jealous that he gets to stay home with the baby while I haul off to work. Other than that, all is well in our corner of the world.


marcie said...

Love that idea of the rolls with the marshmallow inside... perfect example to help them understand how surprised everyone must have been when they found the tomb empty. I'm sorry that your turnout wasn't as great as you'd have liked, but look on the brightside... your kid is gorgeous!

Talea Hollingshead said...

What cute spring pics. Ellison's eyes just pop out with color. Love your idea with the activity day. Maybe I will have to copy it from you at ours! :)

Heather said...

Hey girl - How are you feeling? I still am thinking about all the test(s) and dr. visits you have had recently. I am so ready for spring too, Ellie is so cute in the grass! Tell Kam hi and to have a great brek from school:) Chad has spring break but will be at school the entire break working on his final project (nice break huh)! It's almost over, that's all we keep saying:)

Luikart Family said...

What an adorable little baby! I'm glad you added me. We just started Brady on cereal but he doesn't eat it a lot. I just give it to him when he seems to want it but it usually is only a teaspoon or a little more. It's pretty cute. I too have been reluctant to start him on food so we are taking it really slowly. So happy for you and your family. Hope you are doing well. So sorry to hear you have been feeling well.

Taylor Family said...

I love the Springtime too, except when you think the weather is going to be nice, and then it snows or rains. But, I love watching everything start to bud and blossom. It's my favorite.