Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not really a day off...

I didn't have any pictures uploaded showing specifics of this post, so I decided to give you some cute random pics of Ellison.
and I have been going, going, going lately. We have been so busy with work and school, and of course keeping up with Ellison. Last weekend the youth kept us busy. We spent Wednesday participating in a "shoe dinner". The concept is, the boy brings dinner for himself and a girl, and the girl brings dessert for herself and the boy. All the boys put a shoe in a bag, and the girl draws a shoe out, thus deciding who she will be having dinner with. The same is done with the girls, which decides who she shares her dessert with. It was a lot of fun and I think they youth had a good time. We played dating etiquette Jeopardy and talked about dating standards in the church.
On Friday, I went to a surprise party for a girl in our ward at another girls house. It was so much fun. We ate sushi and yummy snacks, as well as some yummy birthday cake. It was fun to hang out with some of the girls in the ward.
On Saturday, Kam, myself and Ellison drove to Raytown (approximately 45 minutes from where we live) for the youth to participate in the fall activity. There is a member family with a farm out there, every year they have a corn maze open to the public. During this activity, they had a dance in their barn for the youth 14 and older, and activities in the house for all the younger youth. They ended the activity with a hayride and haunted corn maze. We took Ellison on the haunted hayride/corn maze, and she was a champ! It was a lot of fun!
On Sunday, we drove to Clinton (approximately 30 minutes from where we live) to the stake center where we had standards night for the youth. It was a BUSY week/weekend.
This week has been pretty normal, however, I am working the weekend so I got today off. Instead of using my day off to relax, I decided to clean the house. I swept and mopped floors, scrubbed toilets, tubs and counter tops, cleaned mirrors, dusted, vacuumed, folded and put away laundry, wiped down the microwave and then fridge and even made dinner! I am becoming more and more domestic! It was a fun day. Kam and I met his mom and had lunch together, and I even had time to write this blog post! I keep telling Kam I could get used to staying home...just waiting for him to graduate and get a job!


Schimmy said...

Wow! You got all that done with your 1 year old running around. Way to go. I am lucky if I accomplish one of those tasks on my day off.