Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr. Nonsense...

I have been reading various news websites regarding proposition 8. I have been feeling frustrated by a lot of the events that have been happening. I was reading an opinion article that was reporting how people of the Mormon faith are being targeted at their places of work and businesses, as well as outside of churches and temples. I read this particular comment I am posting, left by someone and felt the need to reply (which I am also posting). I don't mean to offend anyone, but I believe we can differ in opinion on controversial things and still find some common ground.

I fondly refer to him as Mr. Nonsense...

Your article is such complete hogwash that i don't even know where to begin. (And you wonder why Republicans are viewed as homophobic?)

(1) You begin your article with some poor, poor straight guy with a lesbian sister (oh wow, he MUST be enlightened!) that works in musical theater - which is probably the gayest of all forms of entertainment. And this poor, poor guy is so oppressed because his colleagues and patrons don't like the fact that he wanted to strip them of a constitutional right to marry. Nobody forced him to donate money. He wasn't fired. But the people he works with and his customers didn't like his conduct and made it known. Yes, let's all feel sympathy for him, and not the thousands of people whose rights were taken away. After all, they were gays, and this guy is straight so we care about him. Who's the hypocrite here?

(2) Then you bring up the old, tired "this is democratic" nonsense. If 51% of the electorate voted to enslave the other 49%, would that be democratic or just? No. Purposefully targetting a minority and stripping them of a constitutional right is not democratic. It is an example of a tyrannical majority the likes of which John Stuart Mill warned us about. The will or view of the majority is not always right or just.

(3) You go on some rant about LGBT activists protesting at churces. Exactly what is wrong with that? Religious organizations were the primary force behind the Yes on 8 campaign. Are curches somehow immune from criticism?

(4) Of course you devolve into a despicable "think of the children!" rant. The fact that you want your children to grow up bigoted and homophobic should not prevent me from getting married. If you don't want children taught about such things in school then you can put that in a seperate proposition that does not strip anyone of their rights.

(5) Mormons donated about 80% of the money behind the Yes On 8 campaign. But pointing out that Mormons were forcing their religious views on others and taking other people's rights away is somehow "mormon-bashing"? And gays are now bigoted? Whose rights were taken away, again? Was there some vote on Mormon marriage that I missed?

Overall your article is ripe with the false sense of victimization that college Republicans are so fond of. LGBT people were stripped of equal rights, and somehow the bigots and homophobes are the victims? Please, don't insult our intelligence with this tripe.

My rebuttal...

Oh Mr. Nonsense,

I find it interesting how you try to mince words and validate all that is going on with the religion bashing when you can't even correctly spell the word church. What you wrote is exactly what you said...Nonsense.

First off, if there were some way we could dig into every vote you ever made, and then publicly berate you for choosing to vote that way, (protesting your choice in front of where you work, go to church and even live), I am sure you would find it intrusive and overwhelming. Interestingly, no one is asking you to quit your job and you are not feeling pressured to resign for believing and voting the way you do. Perhaps we should feel sorrier for you than for the man in the least he has some moral conviction.

Secondly, I find it very interesting how people like you yell about how conservative people need to be more open minded, however, when it comes to conservatives sharing their point of view, if it doesn't agree with yours, you no longer feel the need to listen...contradictory to say the least!

You say that we are targeting a minority and stripping them of their rights. Perhaps in your mind that is true, but what do you think this community is turning around and doing to those who choose to vote for the ban on gay marriage? They are stripping them of their rights to worship, vote and hold an opinion contrary to yours. Yes, it is a democratic process and just like the American people spoke when they elected Barack Obama, so we speak now on proposition 8.

In response to your comment about protesting churches, (again it's c-h-u-r-c-h), you may know that many churches have been discriminated and protested against. However, the founding fathers knew how important it was for people to differ in opinions, and that's why we have freedom of religion. We don't need to be publicly scrutinized for being God fearing people. We have the freedom to differ from your ideas.

If we allowed all people to marry, that may open the door to polygamous relationships, incestuous relationships and minors who are marrying. Does that seem ethical?

So, Mr. Nonsense, although your comments were a way for you to express your frustrations, they are just as you say...Nonsense. Perhaps you should find some other way to occupy your time than pointing fingers at all the injustices you feel. Perhaps you should take a moment and reflect on the way other people feel when you support public and perhaps threatening actions taken to people who simply don’t feel, think or believe the same way you do. The way you feel your rights have been taken away, you are taking from others in a different way. Remember Mr. Nonsense, if you want others to be open minded to your ideas, you need to expect to do the same for them and respect it (even if they differ from your own).


Anonymous said...

"constitutional right to marry." Mr. Nonsense made this statement, but I would also like to ask where in the constitution it states marriage is a right of the people. Show me that in the constitution or your argument is invalid with false statements.

Carr Family said...

Amen sista. very well written.

Rachel Morgan said...

Lisa, I couldn't have said it better myself. Its been awhile since I have seen you. you look great and Happy!

bob said...

Ryan is correct. Marriage is not a "right". A right is something that is guaranteed by a government, like freedom of religion. We have the right to worship as we choose. This means the government will guarantee that every citizen can worship how, where, or what they may. You cannot have a right to marry. If this were the case, the government would have to guarantee that every citizen can marry. Last I checked, it takes two parties to make a marriage. You cannot go to the government and say, "I would like to exercise my right to marry." and expect them to provide you with a spouse. Marriage is a choice, not a right. When Proposition 8 passed, nobody's rights were taken away.

Lisa Burraston said...

I also think it's funny that they feel they had a right taken away when they never had the right to marry in the first place.

Papa-Sea said...

Very nicely put my dear! Thanks for your views.