Friday, March 6, 2009

I just can't keep it in!!

I was reading Stephenie Meyer's website the this morning and noticed they had a release date of November 20th for New Moon the movie! I can't wait to see how they interpert the book on the big screen! It will be interesting to see how they imagine Jacob phasing as well as how it will be portrayed with a new director. I just can't wait!
In other news, I finished Breaking Dawn last night. I really enjoyed the book and loved how it all turned out. It may just be wishful thinking but in a way I feel like she left the book slightly open for more to be written if she wants. For example, when Edward says the Volturi's ego's will eventually be healed after being beaten, they will come looking for them again and try to pick them off one by one...this could be a new story.
I would also be interested to hear more about Renesmee and Jacob and see where their story goes. Of course I also want her to finish the books from Edwards perspective, despite the leak, espically New Moon as he is absent for most of that book! It would be interesting to hear his side of the story and see what's going with him during his absence.
Anyhow, I have said it before and will say it again, I love Twilight. Love the books, and the movie. I can't wait to get my DVD in the mail, and I will be re-reading the books again. I can't wait for more to hopefully come!


Laura said...

I so TOTALLY agree! And to think that I was mad at Tosha for reading "vampire" books!! For me this is a lot like the Harry Potter craze. Except that this time, I started reading the books long before the movie came out.

I wonder if it is healthy to place yourself in the books as read them?!?!

Tiffini said...

Your funny!

Carr Family said...

One word to describe the last book's ending: blah.

Julie Smith said...

Hey Lisa, in answer to your question, I have been doing Weight Watchers. I love it because it is easy to do and be normal. I am now back to my high school size and am glad that I am healthy again. 3 kids and life can take a toll on you.