Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time For An Update!

Since Lisa and I have been extremely busy I thought I would finally sit down and try to update what has been going on with us. Well as everyone that looks at this blog probably knows by now that we are moving back to UTAH! This happened about a month and a half ago but is at our doorstep as Lisa is flying out on the 18th and My Mom, Kipp and I will be driving all our crap out later that week. Besides that things have been crazy. Last couple of blogs noted that I had graduated from Law School. Unfortunately have spent the last 2-3 months continuing the 3 years of law school by studying for the bar. Whew! did that stink. All those long boring days and months boiled down the July 28th and 29th. Where after 2 days of testing I was done. (I hope) We still have 8-10 weeks of waiting to know if I passed or not. Either way after those 2 days I was quite relieved. At least for a few moments. Since then I have been packing things up as best as possible to get ready for the move. I was able to clean out our enormous messy attic with the help of Lisa's Mom. Unfortunately I wore myself out and the next week was recovery. My body was so sore and stiff I couldn't grip anything. Sucks to get old. Well on one of these disastrous days I was packing up stuff and cleaning things up at my mom's house. I went to do some laundry and the washing machine broke. Water was pouring everywhere. I couldn't get it to stop. Well I got all the towels I was trying to wash to try and soak up all the water. There was tons of water every where. Well after much finagling I found out that the connection tube for the adding of bleach had broken clean off and was unrepairable. As I was getting the dolly to take the washing machine out of the house, in bare feet, Ellison grabbed a light bulb, that I had to change to see all the flooding going on, threw it on the floor. It bounced once and then shattered. Both Ellison and I had no shoes on so I had to pick her up put her in a safe place and clean up the lightbulb mess. Once all that was settled I needed a way to get the towels somewhat clean and dry. So I took a massive laundry basket full of wet towels to the pool to rinse them off and let them dry pool side. Well as I was doing that Ellison got on to the steps of the pool. This is fine but the daredevil she is she got to the third step and jumped in. Fortunately I was right there but had to jump in fully clothed. This really stunk because my phone was in my pocket. So after getting her out I set my phone aside to try and dry out. So no real harm no foul right. She was fine she wasn't in the pool but for less than a second. As I was finishing the last few towels in the pool itself. As my back was turned she did the same stunt and jumped in again. That morning was just not going to end without somebody getting really hurt. Unfortunately that was too late since I had about 50% strength and agility in me being so sore from earlier. I was putting the towels pool side on the concrete. I then threw a few on top of one of the patio benches. As I threw the second one down a mass of hornets, wasps or some form of dangerous Mississippi annoyances came buzzing out with murder and pain on their mind. So once again I had to dash as quickly as possible under the pain grab Ellison and head for a safer place. The real tragedy is that if anything happened to either one of us I wouldn't have anyway to contact anyone since my Mom and Dad have no more land line in their land locked boondocks house. Since my cell phone was fried from earlier exploits I was alone by myself with only any boy scout training to get me through the rest of the day. After that I basically quit for the rest of the day. All that happened by 10:30A.M. I was done.
Well after that harrowing day I have gotten better and have just continued the effort to get ready to move. Lisa is almost done with her last week of work and we are still looking for an apartment. I know we better move on this right? Well now we are dealing with trying to sell our house. We have had a few people look at it and are dealing with an interested couple right now. Hope we can get this all settled in a few weeks that will help us a lot. Anyway until next time enjoy the stories and the few pics that are left on my phone after it got wet. Yes after a few days of using Lisa's old slider phone that also met a watery doom my phone is working once again. Unfortunately all the pics and video that was on my mini SD card are probably lost. So lame and frustrating but I have a few photos of Ellison on the phone that I can share.