Saturday, October 24, 2009

The House...

Ok, so the drama with the house has been plentiful. We put the house up for sale before I was offered the job in anticipation of moving back to Utah. We had just had all the flooring redone and felt that our house was in showing condition. We also did a few things like repainting, painting and decorating.
We attempted to sell the house ourselves, but when that brought in absolutely NO ONE, we turned to our wonderful realtor. Our realtor was great and through her efforts, we have a few showings before we had an offer on our house. We were so excited to recieve and offer until we heard what it was...17,000 off of asking price...are you kidding me?
We came off the price, but not 17,000 and resubmitted the offer. He came back with another low offer only coming up on his price about 5,000. We came back and told our realtor we will come back at 1,000 lower but no more. We were not happy with this guy. Our realtor told us his realtor had to have a talk with him about expectations on proper buying ettiquite and was quite embarressed by the offers we was presenting in the first place. Anyway, after all our negotiations, he finally came up on price and the house sold.
After we had moved out Kam turned off the utilities and left the house for the soon to be new owners. Well per protocol, the inspector came out to inspect the house and found TONS of problems with the house. We were astonished, how could he find so many problems? The house was only 6 years old. Well it turns out that the owner prior to ours, cut out some support beams in the attic that had to be replaced, along with some roofing issues and other small issues.
Thankfully we have some AWESOME friends in Mississippi, and Dale Jordan and Jeff Weathersby were able to get our house fixed up in time for closing. Meantime, the appraiser went out to the house and said he couldn't appraise it, because all the utilities were turned off...I thought I was going to rip my hair out. So, we had to go through the hassle of getting all the utilities turned back on so the appraiser could appraise the house, for exactly what we were selling it for (are you kidding me? We had just upgraded the flooring and other things...what a crock of crap!!).
In the end, the house is sold and gone, and we couldn't be more happy about it! We loved the house and have great memories there!!