Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kam and Ellison's Birthdays...

We have had a few birthday's at our house that needed coverage. Kam turned the big 3-0 this year. We didn't do a big hoorah, but had a fun family party with Kory and Tiffini, Ellison and Hailey and Kam's parents with Kory and Tiffini graciously allowing us to use their house.
We called Kam's birthday the turdy 30, because he wasn't too happy about turning 30. We had a 30 themed birthday where we had 30 of everything. 30 balloons, 30 cupcakes arranged in the number 30, 30 candy bars, etc. We had a good time.

Ellison's birthday was also a fun memory. We held the party at a park in Lehi, and had a princess themed party. She had a princess cake, we had princess tea party food, a princess cake, princess decorations and a tiara pinata. The topper was that all the kids came dressed as princessess and they were adorable. Thanks to my talented sister in law Tiffini, Ellison had a dress fit for a princess!! We made tiara's, decorated cupcakes and hit the pinata. To end the birthday we had cake and played on the playground. A good time was had by all!!


Tiffini said...

Seeing all those great b-day pictures totally reminded me of the "turdie" parade ha ha ha ha!!! What a lot of catching up on the blog you did! Great job!!