Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Move...

So we moved from Mississippi about 2 months ago now, and I have surprised myself by how much I really miss it there. We made a lot of great friends, I had a job I really liked and doctors I trusted. We had a good time while we were there, and I will always look back fondly of my time there.
I left with Ellison on August 18th. We flew from Jackson to Las Vegas where my mom picked us up. We had a good time visiting with Chelsa and her cute little guy Griffen while we were there. We walked around the gardens at Bellagio and then had dinner.
I was able to stay in St. George for a few days with my mom and visit with my family and some friends. We had fun attempting to make a cake for Kaleb using homemade fondant (the temperature was entirely to warm to get the fondant to work well), and had just spending time with family in General.
My mom and I left St. George that weekend and travelled to SLC so I could find an apartment and attend MD appointments. Meanwhile, Kam was on the road driving the Budget truck.
Kam left Mississipp on August 21 and with his mom driving one of our cars, and his Brother Kipp helping and along for the ride, they made their way from Jackson to Witchita Kansas, where they stayed the first night. From there, they went to Rifle Colorado where he began to run into problems. Apparently the Rockies were to much for the truck to handle, and Kam broke down on the side of the road, in Colorado, where he stay for about 3 days. Kam's mom and Kipp continued into Utah.
Finally, after much time and frustration, Budget decided the truck was beyond repair and sent some people out to move our stuff from one truck to a new truck. Finally Kam was on the road again!
Meanwhile, I was feverishly looking for and trying to find apartments that were clean and would suit our needs. I also went in for my initial appointments with the MD's. I guess they are going to be good. I am liking my internal med MD more than the new vascular guy (I really liked my former MD's, and still plan on going back to Mississippi to see my Incredible vascular surgeon there). I didn't have much luck with finding an apartment, so I drove down to Ephraim and stay with Kam's brother Kory and his wife Tiffini and wait for Kam to make it.
Kam finally made it in town on Tuesday, and we stayed in Ephraim until Thursday. We finally made our way back to Salt Lake City where the apartment hunt began again. We were able to find a good apartment that suits our needs and it was available to be moved into that day!! Hallelujah!!
We have been here in the apartment since the end of August/beginning of September and are slowly getting adjusted. The job seems to be going ok and I am getting acclimated to their way of doing things.
We did sell our house in Mississippi. That was STRESSFUL, but we are glad it's gone. I will have to post later about the stress from the house. Anyhow, here we are. We are waiting for Kam to get a job, and then hopefully we will be able to move again, but this time into a house!!