Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Me?!

I can't believe I am celebrating my first Mother's Day! I hardly seem old enough to take care of myself, let alone another human being! I had to work this Mother's day while Kam and his mom spoke in church. I heard they did a great job. Kam and some other Elders were also sweet enough to take over primary so my teachers and counselors could attend Relief Society. When I got home from work, Kam had the house cleaned, flowers on the table and a gift from Ellison as well as him. I got a necklace, a homemade card and a portable DVD player for our upcoming trip to Utah (we leave on! I was so excited about these gifts...the house cleaning more than anything! We went to Kam's mom's house and had dinner with the family and gave Kam's mom and Kallee a gift basket full of chocolate...I think secretly we wished we would have kept some of it! We also gave Kam's mom a card from us, and one from Ellison, complete with her hand print. Even though I had to work on my first Mother's Day, it was a positive memorable Day.
I remember last Mother's Day, (I worked) I was talking with a co-worker who was telling me all about the gifts she received for Mother's Day, including home made cards. I was pregnant with Ellison and remember thinking how much I wished she were already here...365 days later, here she is and eight months old already! Ellison has made me realize how much I appreciate my own mother and how much she has done for our family. I don't know if I know a stronger woman than her. She has cared for her family both physically and emotionally. She had dealt with all the illness in our family, and for the most part was the strength to get the rest of us through it. She diligently went to work everyday, wishing she could be home with her babies, but knowing this was something she had to do to take care of the family (something I can also relate to). She has helped so many other people, and I have been told time and time again how much she means to other people, and I know that she means that much more to me. I can only hope that I become a mother to Ellison like my mother has become to me.
Kam says about his mom:
She has always supported me in my dreams and matter how crazy. She fixes the best food and is always willing to do whatever it takes to make her family happy. She is always concerned about other people and wants everyone to be happy. She loves her children and grandchildren so much, she spends time away from dad to be with them. She is always willing to help out, and a lot of times doesn't have to be asked, but volunteers. She is fun loving, happy and supportive and I am glad she is my mother.
I hope everyone else had a great mothers day as well, whether you were celebrating it for yourself or for your mother!
P.S. I won't be posting again until we get back from Utah, so check back later!


Taylor Family said...

I'm glad your first mother's day was nice even though you had to work. It makes all the frustration and hard work every day feel worth it when your hubby and kids go out of their way to make such a nice day for us moms. Have a fun trip to Utah.

Stucki Family said...

Happy first mother's day! I am assuming that now that it is the 27th, you have already visited Utah! I hope it went great. I love seeing my family too, but even though we are only two hours away, it seems like we get there less and less! Can't wait to hear how it went!