Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a Whirlwind!

The Utah trip has come and gone, and unfortunately, as of today we are back to the daily grind. We flew into Salt Lake on Thursday, arriving at 11:30 pm. My little brother and his now wife, Janie, picked us up from the Airport and drove us back to his apartment. It was fun to see Salt Lake from the air, and then from the freeway, and we were able to easily see some changes that have taken place since we have moved.
We woke up early on Friday and cleaned Ryan's apartment for him, and completed small chores for him to help prepare for the wedding. We were able to get an hour or so away from chores and went to the Cheesecake factory (one of the greatest additions to the Salt Lake Valley) where I met a former co-worker (Anna) and caught up with her over lunch.
My family arrived later that afternoon and were anxious to see Ellison! We spent much of the afternoon catching up and then that evening had a family dinner with Janie's family at a church near her home. Ellison loved seeing her cousins, and basically loves any children around her same height!
The next morning was busy getting Ryan, myself and Ellison ready for the wedding. We spent time as a family and just hung out until the ceremony. Ryan got married in the Salt Lake Temple and thankfully we have such a great friend, Heather, who came to temple square and watched Ellison while we went to the ceremony. That night, Ryan and Janie had their reception at Cactus and Tropicals...such a pretty place! We had a good time seeing some old friends from Salt Lake at the reception and catching up with my dad's side of the family for a moment.
On Sunday Kam and I got together with Chad and Heather who so graciously invited us to lunch at their apartment. We had a great time visiting with them and catching up on all that they/we have missed since we moved. After lunch, Kam and I drove around the Holladay area, to see the places we used to live and work...it was fun to see how things have changed. Later that night, Kam and I drove to North Salt Lake and had dinner with a bunch of my friends I went to OT school with, it was so fun to see everyone (thanks Cailin and Val for getting things together)! It seemed that most of the people there had children around the same age, so Ellison had a great time playing with the other kids.
After dinner, Kam and I drove to Ephraim, Utah to visit Kory, Tiffini and Hailey. We were able to spend the night and visit. Ellison really enjoyed Hailey and tried to attack her (succeeding at times) and love on her. We were able to see their cute house, visit Kory at work and see some of the sights of Ephraim and Manti.
On Monday, Kam and I left Manti and drove to St. George where we attended a retirement party the school threw my mom. It was fun to visit with some of her co-workers. Throughout the rest of the week, we spent much of the time prepping for the open house at my sister's house that was held on Saturday. We were able to visit my sister a work for lunch a few times, and spent some time at the park with Shayla and her cute little boy Max.
On Saturday we had the open house, the weather mostly complied, and we had only a little bit of rain at the very end of the night. It was great to see some old friends from St. George, and I was really excited to see Chelsa and catch up with her. On Sunday we mostly hung out and relaxed at my mom's house, as we were all tired from the weeks activities. Early yesterday morning we woke up, drove to Vegas and flew back to Jackson.
We had a really great time in Utah and were glad we were able to visit, but are also glad to be home. We can't wait until the next opportunity to visit!


Heather said...

We loved seeing you guys! Thank you for letting me watch Ellie while you were at the temple...she was seriously a dream child when it came to hangin with Heather! She is growing up very fast...I just can't wait for you guys to be back in Utah someday.