Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Monday, as in tomorrow, Kam and I will have been married for 7 years. It's hard to believe we have known each other that long because it feels like I just graduated high school yesterday! So here we are seven years later. We started our married life together by living in Salt Lake, in a small 1bedroom "garden level" (code for basement) apartment with retro 70's decor. I finished my first year at the U of U and found out I was accepted to the OT program while living in that apartment.
We then moved to a 2nd floor 2 bedroom apartment...definitely a step up. I finished OT school, graduating with a bachelors and masters in occupational therapy, and Kam graduated from the U with a degree in history. I worked my first year as an OT at a crazy nursing home and with some crazy co-workers. We bought our first real car and furniture while living in that apartment.
We then ventured out of the bubble we call Utah and moved to Mississippi so Kam could attend law school. We have upgraded again, to a house this time, and have our own little critter we call Ellie. I started my first hospital based job here. Kam has finished his first two years of law school here, and Ellison has accomplished a lot of her firsts here. We have had a lot of "firsts" in the past seven years, which makes me wonder how many more are to come. Here's one for you now, this the first time I have blogged about an anniversary! Happy anniversary Kam!

P.S. Sorry for the downer blog last time, but thanks for all the encouragement! Also, I posted some random pics, hope you enjoy!


Richard and Cozette Howard said...

Happy Anniversary. It is amazing how time flies. It just seems like yesterday we were out in Utah at your wedding. Cute pictures of Ellie love memaw

Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

Happy anniversary! So crazy it's been 7 yrs. It sure doesn't seem that long. Ellie is so cute, can't wait for D.C. hopefully Hailey won't be as afraid of Ellie.

Chad & Heather said...

Hey guys..Lisa sorry for not commenting on your last post...I did read all of it and I must say that I was practically crying at the end. I am sorry and happy and every emotion for you. Now for this post...Love it! Congrats on 7 years:)