Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sugar anyone???

Sorry for my not updating the blog regularly like I should, however, we have as always been busy and sick! Kam is in the midst of finals, and is finally finishing his last one today. He took one yesterday and said it was HORRIBLE!! Also, unfortunately there has been a horrible stomach bug that has been ripping through the ward that Kam caught. This little bug made itself present in full force Friday night, Saturday and part of the day on Sunday. Kam also spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday...so needless to say we have been busy. I was looking at the calender and noticing we have had or do have something going on everyday last week and this week!
Since I have been so busy, I haven't had time to express my exuberant joy over the announcement of the Utes going to the Sugar bowl!! I love the Utes, they are my Alma mater, my dad attended the U and Kam graduated from the U. Kam's little brother Kory is a graduate and my little brother Ryan will be a graduate. We have the pride running deep and are growning in numbers as much of mine and Kam's family are all Coug fans. I know I may catch flack for expressing this, but I was so happy when they beat the ducks who beat USC, when the beat TCU and most of all when they went undefeated and clinched the Mountain West conference by beating the Y! AWESOME!!
So when we heard they were going to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, (approximately 3 hours from Jackson) we were so happy, until we found out the cheap seats are approximately $100. So, we are trying to decide if that's something we can do or not. Irregardless if we are there or not, we will be cheering for our team!!


marcie said...

I'm so happy for you that your team is in a big game. If you guys can swing I bet it'd be so much fun!

Heather said...

I totally think you guys should go!! I am so proud of you for remaining loyal to the best school in Utah!!!

Rachel said...

I must now shun you

Five Girls And A Guy said...

NOOOO! Not you too Lisa. I knew that Ryan had gone over to the dark side but I figured he was just the family black sheep. GO COUGS!

Tiffini said...

Which background are you trying to apply it should work, but I can see. You have to delete the cutest blog one you already have on if your not doing that. If you are tell me which one and I'll see if the code is not right.