Sunday, January 18, 2009

It really is unhealthy...

This is what I think everytime I realize how obsessed with Twilight I have become. Just before Christmas I decided to finally bite the bullet and indulge in the pandamonium. I had promised myself before this point that I couldn't get involved in a book series right now because I am so busy. Between Ellison, home, work, Young Women's and Kam's school, I just didn't see where I had the time.
I had been told on numerous occasions that I should read the book, and these urgings from others were only intensified when the movie was released. I had been around others when they were talking about the books and had an idea of what they were about.
One weekend I was shopping in Wal-Mart when I walked past the book aisle where the Twilight book was displayed. I decided to buy it to see what the hype was about, and then let it sit on the kitchen table for about a week. One Saturday morning, Ellison woke me up early and I decided to grab the book and was all over then. I finished the book in about 4 days, and then re-read it again on the airplane ride to Utah. Once I finished it for the second time, I went and bought new moon and read the entire book while in Utah, and started reading it again for the second on the plane ride back to Mississippi.
The night we flew back in to Mississippi, I went to Borders and bought Eclipse. I have read that book all the way through, and am more than halfway through it for the second time. (I decided that since I read the other two books, two times through, I should do it for all). I have Breaking Dawn sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to finish Eclipse.
Now, this is where the sickness comes in. I read the books at work, in the car, in the tub...everywhere! I have read the manuscript from Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyers website: (which is awesome by the way and makes you love Edward even more. I can't wait until she finishes writing them someday)! I visit her website like daily and I have seen the movie 4 times. I have the soundtrack in my car, and listen to it daily and I just pre-ordered the special edition DVD. I told Kam for my birthday I want the Twilight box set.
So, I know I am totally obsessed, please bear with me, but I LOVE the Twilight books and I am sure there may be a few more posts on Twilight before this phase is over.


Stucki Family said...

I know, I got addicted to those dang books too! I hear ya!