Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy Little Bee

I have been a busy little bee lately, and I am very grateful for this, as it helps me keep my mind off missing my family. Monday night Kam and I ran to the store after work and school to buy items needed for a Mother/Daughter Achievement Night dinner my Achievement Days co-leader and I were putting on, on Wednesday night. Tuesday night I went to the Relief Society birthday party at the ward house, that was interesting....Wednesday I worked all day, went to the Doctor, ran home, grabbed the decorations and then headed to the church to meet my co-leader for Achievement Days and set up for the dinner. We had the dinner that night, it was chaos. We had 7 girls ranging in age from 8-11 attempting to help us cook so they could pass off some of their stuff. The girls had a lesson on manners prior to this dinner and of course showed close to none! They did however, serve their mothers first (after cues from us) before eating themselves! All in all it was a great time. On Thursday we were back at the church so Kam could play basketball with his friends, while myself, and two other girls whose husbands play basketball chatted. It was fun. Today is Friday, and I have a heaping pile of Laundry to do when I get home, as well as attend a Wienie roast hosted by Kam's parents. Tomorrow I work again (only a half-day) and on Sunday of course church. By the end of Sunday night, I will be facing another week, and it will all begin again!