Friday, March 9, 2007

Day off...

Today I had the day off because lucky me gets to work the weekend shift at the hospital. I never like working the weekend shift, but fortunately only have to do it once every three months. Kam and I continued to work in the yard today and ran other errands around town. We have decided to end our day hanging out at his parents house. We made some yummy Chocolate Oreo Truffles, which so happen to be two of his Dad's favorite treats (chocolate and Oreo's).
We have been happy to have Kam's dad home from Iraq, it is interesting to hear the other side of the story the news doesn't report. It has also been interesting to hear all of the technology the US has over in Iraq, and see pictures of the places he has been. His involvement in Iraq only confirms our sometimes ridiculous idea of his Dad being a secret agent...anyway it's always fun to tease him about it.