Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Came and Went...

The visit from Christy, Lindy, Sydney and Mom has come and gone. We had a really great time visiting each other, and showing them around Mississippi. On Tuesday, the family flew in. Kam and I took them home to our house and showed them all the hard work we had put into the place making it look nice when they came. We then went to Kam's parents home and let the girls pet the horses. We then went to dinner where Christy and Mom both tried the sandwhich I wrote about in an earlier post. On Wednesday we went around Jackson, showing them where I worked, looked through an old Civil War home here in Jackson, and then took them to a 50's style soda fountain. We also spent some of our day at Kam's parent's home where the girls rode horses and played in the row boat on the pond. On Thursday we went to Vicksburg Mississippi which is famous for a Civil War battle that took place there. In Vicksburg we walked around the city square, and little shops, toured through an old Antebellum home that still had a Civil War cannon ball lodged in the wall, and drove across the Mississippi river into Louisiana and back. We all had a great time in Vicksburg. On Friday we spent more time around Jackson, going shopping and seeing sights. We ate lunch at Macaroni Grill and the girls built a bear. That night we went to Kam's parent's home again and had a hot dog roast. The girls rode horses again and all had a great time. On Saturday we ventured down to New Orleans where we spent much of the day in the French Quarter. The girls had fun buying masks and beads, as well as seeing all the sights of New Orleans (in my opinion a Las Vegas for the South). Sunday we went to church and then to Kam's parent's house again for dinner and at 4:00 they flew home. I am sad to see them go, but excited for another visit soon!