Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another One Down...

Another week down. Last weekend Kam and I celebrated our Anniversary. We went to a fairly popular restaurant here in Jackson called Ichiban. It is a huge Chinese buffet, and also has a huge sushi bar, which was the main reason for our visit. We had a great time trying the different types of sushi rolls they had at the sushi bar. We also decided to spoil ourselves a little bit and went shopping. I haven't really shopped since before Ellison was born. I did decide to only buy shirts this shopping trip because I am still trying to lose this baby weight. We were able to find some good stuff.
I also had a doctor's appointment this week. Things are going well, and my blood tests have all been coming back good, which is good news. Even the doctor was surprised because we have had a hard time getting my INR (how thick/thin your blood is). My blood has been thin enough so we have been happy with that. I also found out from the doctor's appointment that I have lost approximately 15 pounds since I had the baby so, only 15 more to go!
Work is busy as always. I just finished my last week on the Trauma and medical floors. I like those floors alright, but I have decided these are my least favorite of the rotation. It seems like the patients there are always really banged up and are there forever! No lie, we just had a patient on the trauma floor leave this month who has been there since before Thanksgiving of last year! I am rotating onto the Ortho floor, which is nice because the nurses up there are fun and the treatments are easy!
Kam and I have been busy trying to exercise these past two weeks and get back on our it has slipped since we went to Utah. We have been doing pretty well, however the past 3 days of this week have been raining, which has halted the exercise. We have also been busy in the yard, weeding the flower beds and trying to give our house some curb appeal. Kam still needs to mow the lawn.
I decided to include pictures of Ellison and I swimming in Memaw's pool, in the new dress Memaw sent her and some of her enjoying her banana's.


Tiffini said...

I love the pic of you guys in the pool her glasses are so funny!

Christy said...

You look so cute in the pool with Ellie! I can definately tell you have lost weight! Keep up the good work!

Heather said... are super woman!

Tiffini said...

It can be anything :)

Richard and Cozette Howard said...

She looks so cute in her dress. And the pool looks fun