Monday, June 2, 2008

Ellison the Great!

Is it June already? It's hard to believe that Ellison will be nine months old this month, which means, only three more months until she is actually a year old...time has sure flown by! This week Ellison seems to have reached a few milestones. She is crawling so well now, and can get from here to there so quickly, which means we have to totally baby proof the house now. Ellison, just like all babies, gets into exactly everything we don't want her getting into, and keeps us on our toes. We have rearranged some furniture to accommodate her change in mobility and keep things safer for her.
Ellison has also figured out how to pull herself up, and does so whenever she gets a stable surface. She wakes us up at night by pulling up in her crib and "talking" to us. She also likes to pull herself up on Memaw's fireplace hearth and the coffee table. She is such a cute girl!
The last "first" Ellison had this week was swimming. We took her into Kam's parents swimming pool. It was so funny because she didn't quite know what to think of the giant "bathtub" she was in. She kept this bewildered look on her face, but did seem to enjoy it as well.
Kam started school again this week. He is taking two classes this summer, pretrial and Ethics. He will also take the Ethics portion of the bar as soon as this class is over. He is gone on Tuesday and Thursday nights, giving Ellison and myself some girl time.
I am still working, just rotating now the the Trauma floor. I have to admit that I hope June flies by as quickly as May did because I am working at least one weekend day every weekend this month. Primary is also keeping us busy as always. We are planning our quarterly activity (which should be a lot of fun), for July and getting the kids ready to sing in Sacrament for Father's Day.


Heather said...

Horray to baby mobility! Good thing Ellie is so cute..that way she can get into mom and dad's stuff but we don't feel mad!

Talea Hollingshead said...

Wow!! Check out the GORGEOUS Baby Blues! She is going to be a heartbreaker!