Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is my first blog post to what has been Lisa's forum for keeping track of our lives. I don't know why I thought I would post one now but here it goes.
Most of the family knows the "drama" I guess you could say surrounding the families and my dog Kiwi. A quick synopsis will help those that don't know. Kiwi is the forgotten dog. Ever since Mom got Katie the mini schnauzer Kiwi has been kicked to the proverbial cAurb. Because of Kiwi's copious amounts of shedding hair she has not been as free as she would like to come into the house. However, now that Dad lives in D.C. Mom must visit and spend time up there as well. Leaving Kiwi to have free rein of the house. Up until this pas visit that Mom has taken to D.C. Kiwi has been fine. Yet, this past leave from Mom has caused Kiwi to go into crazy, depressed, manic mode. Kiwi has clawed, dug, and abandoned the house she usually tries so desperately to get into.
I had to discuss this with both Kallee and Mom to figure out what to do. We were not sure. Lisa noticed that Lowe's was having a sale on fencing and I looked into that. (Maybe it will still be a possibility) I figured pricing and talked to Mom about it. However, that could take a while and the cost was around $600+. Instead I bought a tether system. So yesterday started Kiwi's, you could say, unindependence day.
A quick story from last year. Our house got infested with fleas. I think Lisa may have blogged about this but a quick reminder. It was awful. What is worse is I noticed a hot spot of flea activity at Mom's house since she left. It was gross. I have since used half a can of pesticide that was under Mom's sink. It may have done the trick. Anyway ever since out infestation I have been paranoid when I see fleas on the dogs and particularly on my person. This led to extreme measures if I was to rescue or take hold of Kiwi's madness.
So, Yesterday I headed to Mom's. Kiwi was not there the day before but came quickly over when called. I immediately got the hair comb and began to brush Kiwi. She was in heaven. No one has done that for a while let alone given her much attention. I then called Mom to locate the doggy hair clippers. With a buzz and some gross but enjoyment I cut into the jungle of Kiwi's mane. It went pretty easily. However, there was a lot of dirt and bugs. Lots of fleas at least two different kinds it appeared. Some were large some were small. They were freaked out because I was destroying their great hiding place. Kiwi did fairly well. I wish I had the camera to take a picture of all the hair. I have it on my phone but do not yet have a way to transfer to computer. Anyway after the shaving I gave her a bath with a couple different fleas shampoos. Locked her in the bathroom while prepared to leave. Sprayed her with flea spray and off we went to walmart. I was nervous about the fleas dirt and hair so Kiwi got to ride in the trunk. Fortunately our car has a 60/40 split on the rear seats and I was able to crack it a bit so Kiwi could get some good fresh air and hang out with Ellison and I. (By the way Ellison loves dogs and has loved Kiwi and Katie since she realized what they are.
Skipping minuet details I got the equipment, plus flea collar for extra protection, set up the tether system on the existing part of the fence in the backyard, got out the medium size harness for dogs and attempted to put it on Kiwi. It was way to small. So we went out later and I exchanged it for a large it fits great. Kiwi spent all yesterday in the garage did fine and is at this moment out on the tether system. She is getting the hang of it and seems much happier. Now Ellison and I can go hang out with her and Kiwi can come on our exercise walks with the family. I really enjoy having Kiwi around and really enjoy the interaction between Ellison and Kiwi. They both seem to not only tolerate each other but enjoy each other.
Ellison will pull and grab at Kiwi's fat rolls and ears. Kiwi does nothing just sits there happy to be loved. Kiwi will try to lick Ellison for loving on her. Ellison loves to watch the dog. If the dog leaves her sight she whips around till Kiwi is in view. Hopefully and so far this situation will work out for everyone. As for Kiwi I think Unindependence Day may be her best day ever. Enjoy the pictures. I think Kiwi looks great shaved. It makes her look skinnier, healthier, and younger. It reminds me of when she was a puppy. So if it is possible I will try to keep her shaved. Except maybe the winter time.


Richard and Cozette Howard said...

thanks kam for taking care of kiwi. I do love her, just in a different way. Ellie looks so cute too. thanks for being my buddy. love mom

marcie said...

I think that haircut looks smashing!! And I am so impressed with how you guys let Ellie play with Kiwi... I need to get one of those for Benjamin, ha! :)