Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Par for the course...

So I hate to write again about all the medical maladies in my life, but here we go again! My leg has started hurting again, and has been doing so for the past week and a half. The concerning part is that the leg is hurting in the exact same spot as the location of the blood clot. I have complained to my MD multiple times of my leg hurting and he sent me for repeat dopplers (Ultrasound to the veins in the leg). Well that whole thing was a fiasco and making a long story short, they weren't sure if they saw a new clot or not. So my MD tells me to keep taking the coumadin as scheduled and things will be fine. Well the leg pain continues to get worse and I call and let him know that the pain is worse. Let me preface this by saying that I do have an awesome MD and I am so grateful for all the help he has given me thus far. So, he decides to send me to a Vascular MD (a vein MD). I go this morning and the vascular MD tells me he wants to do repeat dopplers, so we do. They find the clot is larger than thought and say they can't tell if it's new or old. So, he wants to do surgery to try and "blast" the clot. We were initially going to do the surgery tomorrow, however, my blood was too thin and so we scheduled for Tuesday. I am a little nervous for the procedure, but if it's going to help things out, then I am willing. The MD says they will make a small incision and thread a "catheter" into my vein and drip medication that will hopefully dissolve the clot. Sooo....wish us luck and pray for us!

5 Things on my to do list:
1- clean my house
2- book an airline ticket for my mom
3- book an airline ticket for myself
4- take a shower
5- take a nap

5 Jobs I've held:
1- Frostop
2- Lin's copy center
3- Physical Therapy aide for IHC
4- Avalon Care Center
5- University of Mississippi Medical Center

Places I've Lived:

St. George, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, Pearl, Mississippi

Favorite snacks:
Chocolate Twizzlers

Things I would do if I was a Billionaire:
Pay bills and quit my job!

5 Things you may not know about me:
1- I love to laugh
2- I have a massive blood clot
3- I love to play Settlers of Catan
4- I did my Masters thesis on Asthma and it's relevance to occupation in children
5- I am having surgery on Tuesday

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ABC Tag...

A- Attached or Single? Attached
B- Best Friend? Chelsa, Mandy
C- Cake or pie? Cake
D- Day of choice? FRIDAY
E- Essential Item? Chapstick
F- Favorite Color? Green
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears
H- Home town? St. George, Ut
I- Favorite Indulgence? Ice Cream (I'm a vanilla girl)
J- January or July? July
K- Kids? Ellison Eve
L- Life isn't complete without? Family and Friends
M- Marriage date? June 23rd, 2001
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 1 sisters 3 brothers
O- Oranges or Apples? Oranges, by far the superior fruit.
P- Phobia and fears? Death
Q- Quote? "Kids with humps on their backs." Love ya OT class of 2005!
R- Reason to smile? I have a wonderful family!
S- Season of choice? Fall
T- Tag three people? Cailin, Renae, Tiffini, if you haven't already done this.
U- Unknown fact about me? I am obsessive compulsive about turning out the lights in the house.
V- Vegetable? Broccoli with cheese, butternut squash
W- Worst habit? Time Management.
X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y- Your favorite food? Chinese, Mexican
Z- Zodiac sign? Cancer

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ellison's Blessing...

So I realized I accidently put the same picture up twice, forgive me for that. I thought I would share some pictures we had taken of Ellison in her blessing dress. I am so greatful to my mom for saving my blessing dress, because it's the dress you see Ellison wearing here, and the dress she was blessed in. Ellie was blessed on December 29, 2008. My whole family was gracious enough to drive up from St. George to Lehi (where my brother Brad and his family live) so we could all be together for the blessing. We were so happy to have Kam's Aunt Rochelle and his cousin Rachel attend as well. The blessing was held on a Saturday at my brother's ward building. It was a small affair, consisting of family only. Kam had my brothers Steve, Brad, Ryan and John in the circle along with a member of Brad's bishopric. After the blessing was over, we went to dinner with my brother Brad and his wife Rachel at the Bombay house (best Indian food ever). We were sad more of Kam's family wasn't able to attend (plans fell through), but we are so happy to his Aunt Rochelle and cousin Rachel were able to attend. We also appreciate the support from his family even though they weren't there. Overall it was a beautiful, memorable event!

Monday, February 11, 2008

And again...

For my fans, I have decided to post a new blog...lucky you! I decided to finally change the background template, thanks to google, and a user friendly how to site, I figured out how...all on my own! This week seemed to go by quickly thank goodness. I worked my regular 4o hours, and ended the week with a blood draw at the doctor's office. Only another month and a half until I am finished with taking the coumadin and blood draws. I am suspecting my coagulation will be low and I will need to adjust again, as evident by all the bruises I have. I have no idea where they came from either!
Kam and Ellie had some sort of something this past week. Both with runny noses, but thankfully, Ellison never developed a fever or acted fussy...chalk it up to allergies or the sniffles. I think both are finally on the upswing now. Kam has been keeping busy with school, and I with work and primary. I am excited to report that we had 15 kids on Sunday, one of which is an inactive, hopefully reactivating. That is my next big feat in primary, trying to figures out strategies to reactiviate the less active children. If anyone has any suggestions, they are welcome. Yesterday I was so frustrated with my primary kids, I made them sit for the last 5 mintues of primary and practice being reverant (an idea I heard from my sister-in-law, thanks Rachel)! It seemed to work momentarily. We are also finally finding a teacher for the new class we developed and new achievement night leaders and a new secretary (something I have never had since becoming the primary president). Now if we could only find someone to lead the music, we would be fully staffed!
Ellison is as cute as ever. We are going to be starting her on cereal...I will let you all know how that goes. I am hoping it will help fill her belly at night and we can cut out the 3 am feeding. Ellie has figured out how to roll from back to belly, and on a good day and with momentum can roll herself back onto her back. Ellison is the most talkative baby ever and loves to communicate with us. She coos and will even laugh at times, which is adorable. Ellison will also try to pull herself up when given two fingers, and tries to sit up. We have started reading every night before bed, and although her attention does last through the entire book, she is patient enough for some. Well, that is our week in review. Sorry no pictures this time, I had some taken of Ellison in her Blessing dress that I finally got on the computer on Saturday, and will post them later this week with details on her blessing.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week in Review

So this past week has been crazy. Of course we all know about the death of President Hinckley. It's amazing how fast information spreads, all of my friends here in Mississippi knew about his death in a matter of minutes (thanks to our family in Utah).
On Tuesday I attended a pampered chef party at Elizabeth's house. Despite my best efforts to refrain, I did end up buying more kitchen utensils. Fortunately I always buy things I know I'll need, which included bamboo mixing spoons, a small frosting spreader and a small bar pan stone.
On Thursday I met with my student's OT professors to discuss her progress thus far. She is doing better, but still gets an attitude at times. She has been able to start seeing some of the patients on her own on the ortho floor, but now this week I am rotating to the neurology floor, so she will be right by my side again.
This week I also got a new cell phone which was way over due. I ran my last one into the ground until finally the screen went black, and wouldn't call out anymore. I do admit I have really upgraded! I have this awesome samsung phone that plays music, and takes video! I didn't even know they had cell phones that take much for me being techno savy!
Saturday Kam and I stayed at home and watched President Hinckley's funeral via satellite tv (yes we do get BYU tv) and had the missionaries over to watch as well. I also tried making cinnamon rolls on Saturday. Some worked well, others not so much, but they must have been somewhat good, because the missionaries ate them...hmmmm, wait...don't missionaries eat most anything? We also took a trip to Wal-Mart (which was crazy busy)...never a good idea on a Saturday in's like their Mecca!