Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week in Review

So this past week has been crazy. Of course we all know about the death of President Hinckley. It's amazing how fast information spreads, all of my friends here in Mississippi knew about his death in a matter of minutes (thanks to our family in Utah).
On Tuesday I attended a pampered chef party at Elizabeth's house. Despite my best efforts to refrain, I did end up buying more kitchen utensils. Fortunately I always buy things I know I'll need, which included bamboo mixing spoons, a small frosting spreader and a small bar pan stone.
On Thursday I met with my student's OT professors to discuss her progress thus far. She is doing better, but still gets an attitude at times. She has been able to start seeing some of the patients on her own on the ortho floor, but now this week I am rotating to the neurology floor, so she will be right by my side again.
This week I also got a new cell phone which was way over due. I ran my last one into the ground until finally the screen went black, and wouldn't call out anymore. I do admit I have really upgraded! I have this awesome samsung phone that plays music, and takes video! I didn't even know they had cell phones that take much for me being techno savy!
Saturday Kam and I stayed at home and watched President Hinckley's funeral via satellite tv (yes we do get BYU tv) and had the missionaries over to watch as well. I also tried making cinnamon rolls on Saturday. Some worked well, others not so much, but they must have been somewhat good, because the missionaries ate them...hmmmm, wait...don't missionaries eat most anything? We also took a trip to Wal-Mart (which was crazy busy)...never a good idea on a Saturday in's like their Mecca!


marcie said...

I completely agree, they treat Wal-Mart like their Mecca-- every Saturday without fail I think EVERY SINGLE Mississippian must make the journey!! Too funny, Lisa!

Renae & Nick said...

I seriously have a had a million cell phones because I always break them too! Nick is ready to take my cell phone away! It sounds like you are super busy! How do you do it?